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How to Run 11s Like Mini-Level 10 Meetings for Maximum Effectiveness

Run 1:1s Like Mini Level 10 Meetings

One-on-one meetings, or 1:1s, are an important tool for effective communication and alignment between managers and their direct reports. However, many 1:1s can end up being unproductive or unfocused. By adopting the principles of Level 10 Meetings, you can transform your 1:1s into impactful and efficient conversations.

What are Level 10 Meetings?

Level 10 Meetings are a core component of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) methodology. They are weekly leadership team meetings that follow a specific structure and agenda to keep the meetings focused and productive. By applying this structure to your 1:1s, you can achieve similar results.

How to Run 1:1s Like Mini Level 10 Meetings

Here are the steps to run your 1:1s like mini Level 10 Meetings:

  1. Set a consistent schedule: Establish a regular cadence for your 1:1s, such as every week or every other week. Stick to the schedule as much as possible to create a routine and maintain accountability.
  2. Create a shared agenda: Before each 1:1, both the manager and the direct report should add items to a shared agenda. This ensures that both parties have the opportunity to discuss important topics and prevents surprises.
  3. Start with good news: Begin the 1:1 on a positive note by sharing and celebrating any good news or accomplishments. This sets a positive tone for the meeting and helps build rapport.
  4. Review previous commitments: Take a few minutes to review any commitments made during the last 1:1 and check if they were completed. This promotes accountability and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.
  5. Discuss current challenges: Use the majority of the 1:1 to address any current challenges, obstacles, or issues. Encourage open and honest communication, and work together to find solutions or next steps.
  6. End with action items: Wrap up the 1:1 by identifying specific action items or next steps for both the manager and the direct report. Set clear expectations and deadlines to ensure progress is made before the next meeting.

The Benefits of Running 1:1s Like Mini Level 10 Meetings

Running your 1:1s like mini Level 10 Meetings can bring several benefits:

  • Increased focus and productivity: By following a structured agenda, both the manager and the direct report can stay focused on the most important topics and avoid getting sidetracked.
  • Alignment and clarity: Regular 1:1s using a consistent framework help ensure that both parties are aligned on goals, priorities, and expectations.
  • Improved accountability: Reviewing previous commitments and setting action items during each 1:1 promotes accountability and helps drive progress.
  • Stronger working relationships: By creating a space for open and honest communication, 1:1s can help build trust and strengthen the relationship between the manager and the direct report.

By running your 1:1s like mini Level 10 Meetings, you can make these meetings more effective, productive, and valuable for both you and your direct reports.

  • Jordan Van Maanen