How to prioritize when you start using EOS®


Getting ready to use EOS®? Congrats! This is a major (and awesome) step for your organization. The tools and principles outlined in the Traction® series are amazing facilitators for growth, and you’ll reap the benefits before you know it.

As an officially licensed software for EOS, we know that starting the EOS journey is exciting—but it can also be daunting. Prioritization is key to ensuring your team gets the most out of EOS. And with Traction Tools, you’ll be able to boost productivity, break down silos and run effective meetings right off the bat. With that in mind, we put together our top three tips for prioritizing when you’re ready to rock and roll with EOS.

1. Get leadership on the same page

We’ve found that EOS is most effective when it’s used across an entire organization—and it’s even more effective when you have leadership buy-in from the get-go. If you haven’t already, consider sitting down with your leadership team to discuss the system. Answer any questions, and if you come across something you don’t know, work together to find an answer.

Consider finding an EOS Implementer® to help facilitate your transition into EOS. Implementers are trained to help leadership teams figure out how EOS can fit into their business, making them an invaluable resource to companies implementing EOS. 

2. Roll out Traction Tools and EOS simultaneously

EOS requires a lot of documentation: Accountability Charts™, Scorecards, Level 10 Meeting™ notes, To-Dos, Issues… the list goes on. Organizing and keeping track of these tools is always a high priority, but especially when you’re just starting out. And if you’re new to EOS, it can be a major hurdle. (As in a “holy cow, I have way too many spreadsheets” hurdle.)

With Traction Tools, you can keep all your EOS tools in one place, supercharging transparency throughout the rollout process. And with cloud-based functionality, collaborating with your team during and after an EOS rollout is a piece of cake, helping you get aligned and stay the course long-term.

3. Make the most of Traction Tools

Traction Tools can help your organization gain Traction—but to get even more out of Traction Tools, don’t be afraid to make it work for you. The software is highly customizable, meaning you can set up your workspace to display what’s most impactful to you. Whether it’s the Issues list for a Level 10 Meeting, personal To-Dos or a company Scorecard, you can set yourself (and your team) up for success by keeping your favorite EOS tools front-and-center.

What you’ll find in Traction Tools

  • Level 10 Meeting — Run meetings online with interactive, timed agendas
  • Accountability Chart — Align on accountabilities at all levels of your organization
  • Vision/Traction Organizer™ — Set goals at a company and department level
  • Scorecard — Spot trends at a glance and celebrate your successes
  • Rocks — Gain Traction on your journey with measurable 90-day goals



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