Is reading the Traction® series really necessary?


If you’re considering self-implenting EOS®, chances are you’ve heard of the Traction series. If you haven’t, here’s the skinny: the Traction series is a set of books that can help you get started with EOS and stay the course long-term. They outline the tools, concepts and processes you’ll need for your EOS journey. But are they really necessary?

Reading can be time-intensive, and not everyone’s a bookworm. But here’s the thing: the Traction series is a must-read if you’re interested in self-implementing EOS successfully. We’ve broken the series down into bite-sized summaries to let you know what to expect; the rest is up to you, friends. Check out the Traction library when you’re ready to get started, and happy reading!

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business

By Gino Wickman

Who should read it? Everyone

Traction is the quintessential guide for running on EOS. It covers the Six Key Components™ you’ll use on your EOS journey and details how each part of the EOS Toolbox™ can help you get a better grip on your business. After reading Traction, you’ll have everything you need to start supercharging your business. This book helps all members of your organization understand the what, how and why of EOS — from leadership to entry-level employees.

Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination

By Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters

Who should read it? The Visionary and Integrator™

If you’re familiar with EOS, you know how integral the Visionary and Integrator dynamic is to your organization’s success. If you want to learn more about the relationship between Visionaries and Integrators, Rocket Fuel will give you the 4-11. The book helps Visionaries and Integrators get on the same page and find ways to empower each other while leading your business to new heights. Needless to say, this book is a must-read for any Visionary-Integrator duo.

Get a Grip: An Entrepreneurial Fable

By Gino Wickman and Mike Paton

Who should read it? The leadership team

Are you a fiction fan? Then you’ll love Get a Grip. But here’s the catch: It’s not fiction. Not really, anyway. The book takes an up-close look at Swan Services, a fictional organization facing real-world problems. Join main characters Eileen Sharp and Vic Hightower as they confront their issues, gain Traction and find success like never before on their EOS journey.

How to Be a Great Boss

By Gino Wickman and René Boer

Who should read it? Leaders, managers and supervisors 

Being an awesome boss isn’t just about providing great feedback and giving performance reviews. A truly great boss can make all the difference for an employee — and if you multiply that across a whole team, you’re cooking with gas. This book is a practical, actionable guide for creating the best team possible, allowing you to get even more out of your organization. And it all starts with one great boss.

What the Heck is EOS?

By Gino Wickman and Tom Bouwer

Who should read it? Everyone

Getting team buy-in when moving to the EOS model can be a pretty big task, and What the Heck is EOS? makes it that much easier. The book approaches EOS terminology and processes in a straightforward, approachable context, making it easy for staff to understand and apply the concepts to their day-to-day. After all, sailing a boat is a lot easier when everyone’s rowing in the same direction, right?

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