Love Traction® Tools? Refer a friend for a $100 gift card!


If EOS® has changed your business for the better, we’re right there with you. And if Traction® Tools has been part of that journey, we’re honored! If you love Traction Tools’ software for EOS, don’t be shy—share it with a friend  

 Sharing Traction Tools with friends, clients and colleagues is easier than ever before with our shiny new referral program, Share the Traction Love. Whether you’re a leadership team member or an independent user, you can now share the software with a unique referral link.

Here’s how it works

Step one: Log in to Traction Tools and grab your unique referral link from the “Refer a Friend” widget.

Step two: Send the link to your pal (or pals, if you’re a social butterfly).

Step three: Sit back and relax—you’re done!

If you’re an EOS Implementer or coach, the process stays the same for each client you refer, keeping things super simple*. Plus, since your referral link is unique to you, we can extend our thanks (over and over and over again)!

If you’re using Traction Tools as a regular client (including leadership teams and employees), the fun doesn’t stop there. Once your referred friend becomes a paying client, you’ll receive a $100 gift card 60 days after they become a paying user—and they’ll receive a $75!

Where can I redeem the $100 gift card?

 A bunch of software nerds like us shouldn’t tell you what to buy—so you get to choose! After your pal becomes a paid user, you’ll each receive an email inviting you to redeem your TangoCard, an e-gift card linked with over 200 retailers.

Choose from stores, restaurants and causes like:

 It’s kind of like a choose-your-own-adventure novel…but with money! 🥳

Not using Traction Tools yet?

 No problem! Schedule a demo with our team, and start your 30-day free trial. 

*Please note that the $100 referral rewards are not available to EOS Implementers® or coaches, and their clients are not eligible for the $75 reward if referred by an EOS Implementer or coach. If you’d like to get more of your clients on board the Traction Tools train, we’re with you! Follow the steps above, and we’ll repay you with our endless love. 

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