Software that brings the Traction® series to life


Reading the Traction series is just the beginning—applying the tools, processes and concepts to your organization is the real game-changer. Traction Tools is specifically designed to help you manage your EOS® tools while boosting productivity. How? Glad you asked! We’ve put together the top 4 ways clients use Traction Tools to achieve success after reading Traction

1. Automate your Scorecard metrics

Scorecards are an easy-to-use, streamlined way of tracking core business metrics. But if you’re using a spreadsheet or handwritten notes to manage your Scorecard, it can get tedious pretty fast. But bringing your Scorecard online? Now we’re cookin’ with gas.

Traction Tools has cloud-based Scorecard functionality, allowing your team to stay up-to-date on the latest metrics without sorting through spreadsheets and notebooks. The scorecard feature allows you to see 13 weeks’ worth of color-coded data, so you can easily spot trends and IDS™ if needed. If you’d like to see historical data, we’ve got your back; all data is archived, meaning you can always refer back to it.

2. Running Level 10 Meetings™ is a breeze

Running a meeting seems like a piece of cake… but running a good meeting is an entirely different story. Level 10 Meetings provide structure, clarity and accountability, and Traction Tools’ online meeting functionality takes it to the next level with our regularly updated meeting features:

  • Built-in agenda to help you stay focused
  • Automated timekeeping for optimal efficiency
  • Interactive IDS section that you can tackle right in the meeting
  • Comprehensive To-Dos to keep your team accountable, with email reminders after the meeting

3. Take advantage of the Accountability Chart™

Making Accountability Charts easily accessible makes a huge strides toward breaking down silos. If there’s any confusion as to who’s supposed to be doing what, you can quickly reference the Accountability Chart in Traction Tools, allowing your team to stay on the same page.

The Accountability Chart functionality in Traction Tools is easy to edit, view and share, making it easy to track and maintain as your company grows. Whether you’re adding new seats, updating existing roles or brainstorming a restructuring plan, the Accountability Chart provides a birds-eye view of everything you need to know.

4. Easily access your Vision/Traction Organizer™

Our passion is helping companies feel empowered to push forward full steam ahead. And to do that, keeping goals front-and-center is key.

The V/TO feature in Traction Tools can be shared with every member of the team, making it easy to gain clarity on where your organization is at, and where it wants to be. Each department also has their own dedicated V/TO, allowing teams to get aligned, stay-the-course and push the needle that much closer to your 10-Year Target™.

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