The top 4 advantages of using Traction® Tools


Your free trial with Traction Tools has come and gone, eh?

If you completed your free trial without scheduling a demo, you may have missed some highlights in the hustle. If you’re curious about what else Traction Tools has to offer, we’ve got you! Check out the top four advantages of being a Traction Tools user.

1. Flexible organization options that work for you

There is no template for success. That’s why we designed our EOS® software to support your specific work style, whatever that may be. Our customizable workspaces were created specifically to empower you to prioritize, organize and measure success however works best for you.

The line between personal lives and professional lives has gotten pretty blurred (hello, work from home!), meaning lots of entrepreneurs are changing their approach to To-Do lists. With Traction Tools, you don’t need to worry about losing things in the shuffle between personal and professional. The Texting Actions feature in our software allows you to organize your day on the go, meaning no more forgotten tasks!

2. Keep your meetings on track without overthinking

There’s a measurable difference between “spending” and “investing.” Our software is structured with this in mind, so you can stop spending time on meeting prep, and start investing in your employees. Traction Tools is equipped to help you swiftly organize:

Each meeting is structured appropriately within the platform, allowing you to streamline prep work and refocus on what matters most: running your business.

3. Work smarter, not harder

Sometimes, boosting efficiency means optimizing your workflow. We’ve seen it plenty of times: your Issues list keeps getting longer, and staying on top of it becomes next to impossible. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s a byproduct of growth!

 If this sounds familiar, it’s time to expand your toolbox. Traction Tools allows you to keep an organized list of everything you need to get through, provides a cloud-based space for notes and even allows you to reprioritize issues on the fly. And if you’re not sure you’ll be able to solve an Issue within the next 90 days, you can add it to your long-term Issues list, allowing you to stay organized without anything falling through the cracks.

4. Gain clarity to promote transparency

Building a transparent work environment isn’t always easy. Who needs to know what? When should I communicate it? How should it be communicated? To say the least, there are a lot of moving parts to boosting transparency—that’s where Traction Tools comes in.

  • Easily move Issues between multiple Level 10 Meetings
  • Use the revamped Accountability Chart™ to clarify responsibilities
  • Make your online V/TO™ easily accessible, and help your team stay on the same page

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  • Gina Richard
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