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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional EOS Implementer?

Wayne Kurzen – Certified EOS Implementer

I recently had a conversation with a seasoned emerging growth entrepreneur who was planning to implement the Entrepreneurial OperatingSystem (EOS®) in his company. He asked me point-blank, “Why should I hire you to implement EOS® when I can self-implement the system myself?”  I gave him some reason that I have witnessed over and over — like it typically takes 2-3 time longer to master the system, a 3rd party can see things you can’t, mastering how to implement is all that I do, etc.  But then I realized that the popularity and brand awareness of EOSÒ is many times greater than just a few years ago – and many others who are considering or are self-implementing are asking the same question.

At the risk of sounding self-promoting, I decided to put together a list of the top reasons why you should consider using a Certified EOSÒ Implementer.  But first of all, “Maybe you shouldn’t!”  I’ve seen a few cases where self-implementing is working fairly well.  There is also a rare situation where an organization has a special someone who has facilitator skills and is able to devote significant time to learning the EOSÒ Tools and Process. But for the majority of companies, I find that they just don’t have the bandwidth to devote the time necessary and the ROI just isn’t there.

Here is my list:

  1. Quality of the Implementation – You will begin breaking basic EOS®rules in the first minute of Self-Implementation. EOS® is a step-by-step process and if you start skipping steps or making up your own rules (can’t imagine what entrepreneur would do that?), you’re losing value. Most people will sabotage their self-implementation without even knowing it.
  2. Human Nature – chances are you’re already defaulting to “comfortable” solutions for the business rather than the right solutions. This will pull you off track and decrease your value gained from the moment you start.
  3. Objectivity- You and your team are too close to the business.  We provide external independent trusted perspective to challenge your way of thinking and acting.
  4. Faster and Greater ROI- We help you do it faster than you could do on your own. What is the ROI difference of quickly getting it right?
  5. Accountability – We provide a high level of accountability.  We are obsessed about execution, traction, getting it done and concluding. Also, we ward off the tendency to slow down or discontinue the process of incremental full implementation.
  6. Constant Reinforcement – The Proven Process has a mix of teaching and reinforcing of the tools and processes – leading to EOS®becoming part of your DNA.
  7. Experience – We typically have 20 to 30 years of business experience that enables us to help ensure an enduring approach.
  8. Trusted- Our name is on the line and integrity and relationships are the goodwill that we need to create an enduring practice.
  9. True EOS®Expert – this is all we do! We live it, eat it and are constantly honing our skills and learning new techniques to make your implementation more successful – our business is built of client referrals.
  10. We Enter the Danger. As an independent third party, we have no axe to grind. We aren’t afraid to get the “Elephant in the room on the table” and bring to the surface the things that are “too hot to touch.”

Since our goal as EOS® implementers is to work ourselves out of a job by design, hiring a Certified EOS® Implementer can end up being the most cost effective and quickest way of getting what you want out of your business and becoming the great company you know you are capable of being.


For a very small fee, you can find out just how well you are implementing EOS®.  Let me be your “Copilot” on your next Quarterly Pulse. Click here to find out more.

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