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6 things every new entrepreneur should know 0

The biggest secret to running a successful business: there’s no secret at all. With that being said, everyone needs a place to start. So read on for some entrepreneurial inspo to get the ball rolling!

Redesigning Traction Tools is a labor of love 0

Traction Tools is getting a new look, and the first phase of the makeover is officially complete. Learn what inspired our glow-up, what's changed and what's coming next—courtesy of Product Leader Sheila Dodd!

The benefits of taking mental health days 0

Sometimes, it’s easy to feel like you can “push through” a rough mental health day at work. But taking (and encouraging others to take) time off to prioritize mental wellbeing doesn’t just save you time and energy in the long run. There are a wealth of other benefits, too!

4 ways to shake up your meetings 0

Meetings getting monotonous? Look on the bright side: it’s great that you’ve fallen into a groove with your team! That said, it doesn’t hurt to shake things up every now and then. Here are a few of our favorite tips for keeping team meetings fresh and fun.

Coming soon: we’re getting a new look 0

Over the last year, we’ve received a lot of great feedback on how to make Traction Tools the best, most impactful tool possible for you and your team. And we’re thrilled to announce that, in the coming weeks, we’ll be unveiling one of our biggest software updates yet.

4 actionable ways to build a community while working remote 0

Working from home comes with a laundry list of benefits—and by implementing deliberate strategies to strengthen your remote company culture, it can get even better. From making the most of modern technology to planning in-person meetups, we've put together our team's top tips for boosting a sense of community no matter where you are.