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We just finished our quarterly planning, and one of our People Headlines made some waves: Since November 2016, Traction® Tools has experienced exponential growth. It was surprising to see the numbers, but maybe it shouldn’t have been. We work hard, play hard, and we live and breathe the Entrepreneurial Operating System®.

We’re not sharing our numbers to brag; we’re sharing them because our success means that companies are discovering an EOS software that not only works for them, but also one that makes a difference in running their business. To us, these numbers mean one thing: We’re helping people. And we are so, so excited to see it in writing.

We come to work each and every day striving to make something better—whether it’s a process, a software feature, a project or something else entirely. We infuse our work with something just a little special: all of our different passions. 

Passion for EOS

Without question, the most important ingredient to our growth is the Entrepreneurial Operating System. We can’t do any of it without EOS. From our very first days, we’ve been big believers in the system, and that passion fuels our desire to help companies accomplish more. That’s one reason why Traction Tools became the first officially-licensed EOS software, and it’s the reason why we fight hard to make it the best EOS tool management solution out there.

We’ve found that many companies that self-implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System aren’t running it purely. Traction Tools was started to help those organizations get EOS pure and get what they want as a business. Since then, we’ve also discovered the value that EOS Implementers® are getting out of Traction Tools with their own clients, and the amazing work they do in taking companies to the next level. Watching EOS break barriers and bring so many industries together under one, cohesive umbrella is truly, truly amazing, and we love being part of it. 

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Passion for our customers

Hands down, our greatest asset at Traction Tools is our users. Our users are passionate about the software, they believe in the power of EOS and they love finding ways to win.

Our clients are our favorite people. Watching them learn and grow in EOS, lead better meetings and shape their company for the better is a humbling experience, and one that we’re honored to be part of. That’s why we make a commitment to our users. We commit to giving every client concierge-level onboarding service. We commit to a seamless, optimized user experience. We commit to help however we can, whenever it’s needed. We are committed to making your experience easy, productive and fun

EOS Implementer Assistant Alex Goodier said, “The customer service has been out of this world. They always respond promptly, they always want to do anything they can to help, and I always leave pleased—not only with the result but also with such a great experience. I love Traction Tools and can’t imagine our organization without it!”

Passion for solutions

Traction Tools was built to help companies do more, faster. Everything we do is aimed at finding the best way forward. We wake up in the morning, and we want to help companies get the most they can out of EOS, their companies and themselves.

Here’s how our solution-focused approach works:

  1. When you’re ready to start with the software, send your tools to our data entry team so we can upload them into the software.
  2. Do a walkthrough of the Level 10 Meeting™ in Traction Tools software.
  3. Run your first Level 10 Meeting in Traction Tools. The Client Success team follows up to ask how your first meeting went.
  4. Do a second Level 10 Meeting training in the software.

Within your first 30 days, you’ll be contacted by  our Client Success Team to help you get comfortable in the software. By the time you meet with your Implementer, you already have your tools built out! You’ve been successfully running Level 10 Meetings for nearly a month, whereas companies who don’t use an EOS software like Traction Tools can take as long as 90 days to reach the same level.

We’re big on providing solutions for EOS Implementers, too. As companies progress along the EOS journey, some leadership teams have a difficult time setting up their tools—they resort to using spreadsheets and home-grown methods. They become discouraged (because let’s face it, spreadsheets can be a lot to deal with), making EOS more difficult to implement. But the Traction Tools the automated system lets companies focus on the EOS Process® without getting distracted by side issues like spreadsheets and documentation processes, letting EOSIs help clients grow even more exponentially. 

Certified EOS Implementer® Victoria Cabot agrees. “Traction Tools allows leadership teams to leverage technology and get their data visible and working quickly,” she said. “It spares the question of who is going to manage the paperwork.”

Our greatest passion is your success

The EOS journey does amazing things for organizations. We’ve seen it happen with us, and we’ve seen it in our clients. That’s what drives us most—to see people’s lives changing as their companies find the solutions they need while running on EOS.

Discover for yourself what makes Traction Tools the standout software solution for EOS. Start your 30-day free trial of Traction Tools now!

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