3 Ways EOS® software maximizes your company scorecard


At Traction® Tools, we’re big on efficiency. Maybe you’ve noticed. We help you get the most out of your journey, and that includes your company EOS Scorecard™. In the words of Gino Wickman himself, managing metrics saves time, and we agree. With that in mind, we’ve built the Traction Tools Scorecard module to help your company maximize your efficiency.

Want to get the most out of your Scorecards? Let’s take a look at what the Scorecard module can do for you.

Maximize your Level 10 Meeting™ efficiency

The more efficiently your data is presented, the more efficient your meeting will be. We’ve built the Traction Tools Scorecard to help you prep for your Level 10 Meetings and run them at peak efficiency. The Scorecard is embedded into the agenda, so it automatically displays when you get to that item in the meeting, allowing you to know where the company stands at a glance.

Before the meeting, you can configure the Scorecard so that it’s easy to use. Order measurables by priority, add a section divider, or arrange metrics by group so that you can take in the data one section at a time. However you work best!

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Optimize your data

There’s nothing more frustrating than a messy spreadsheet. We get it, and we’ve been there—it’s not easy to organize complex data! That’s why we’ve made the Traction Tools Scorecard easy to understand.

Data is color-coded green and red, so you know immediately if any numbers are off-track. And since you can configure the tool to display any weekly date range, you’ll identify trends in a jiff. Don’t like the coloration? You can turn it off in your personal Scorecard. (An export option also allows you to view all historical data in your spreadsheet tool of choice.)

While you can view multiple weeks, you probably want to focus on the current week’s numbers. The Scorecard highlights the current week by default. If you prefer to highlight the previous week instead, you can switch it with a couple mouse clicks. This feature also lets you use the Context-Aware buttons to create Issues and To-Dos.

That said, we also understand “this week,” or “last week” are relative to your meeting cadence. If you track measurables from Monday through Sunday, you’ll want your Scorecard to reflect that—not Sunday through Saturday. Or maybe you want your reporting to start on the same day as your Level 10 Meeting. You can do that! The Scorecard lets you define the first day of the reporting week—Sunday, Monday or any other day you want to fit exactly what your team needs.

Streamline your prep

It’s important to streamline your prep for Level 10 Meetings—not just the meetings themselves. That includes data entry. We’ve found many of our customers have one person who owns a number, and an administrator who updates the line item in the Scorecard. Traction Tools lets you show both the owner and administrator of each measurable. You can even add an administrator who doesn’t participate in the Level 10 Meeting!

Doug Andersen, Integrator™ at Magnet 360, noticed how much prep time Traction Tools is saving his company. “Thanks for your help! You save me at least an hour a week getting scorecards and agendas ready for the Level 10 Meeting,” he said.

Get the most out of your EOS Software!

Traction Tools is all about getting the most out of your experience with EOS, and our Scorecard module is designed to maximize your efficiency. Alex Goodier at Entrepreneurial Advisors said, “As an assistant to an implementer, understanding EOS and all of the tools is crucial. I love the L10 format and the easily managed Scorecard. I can’t imagine our organization without Traction Tools!”

Ready to maximize your experience with EOS? Get started with Traction Tools today!

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