Case Study: Remote team boosts their EOS® efficiency


Companies with remote employees have face a unique challengs: To get their team on the same page while they are states, countries and even timezones apart. Sometimes, it’s not possible to have weekly Level 10 Meetings™ with a remote team, which means you’ve got some workarounds to figure out.

AssistPro™ knew all about those challenges, but they discovered the difference that EOS® software can make. What kind of difference? Glad you asked! Check out this success story of a company that increased their efficiency and effectiveness with Traction® Tools software.

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Meet AssistPro

AssistPro offers executive assistant services for Certified EOS Implementers®, as well as “solopreneurs” and small business owners. Their team of 45 high-level assistants are located across the United States, and manage the daily tasks of running a business in four key areas: communications and email, calendars and schedules, client details, and network (backend follow-ups, database entry, etc.).

AssistPro’s secret sauce is the way they match assistants to Implementers. They don’t just look at an assistant’s skillset, but they also consider the EOS Implementer’s business style and brand. Every Implementer has a unique personality, and AssistPro finds the right assistant to fit each Implementer. It’s all about putting the right person in the right seat!

AssistPro Visionary™ Jenna Spencer has been using EOS for years. She says that what she likes most about EOS is that it’s clear and simple. When she began her company, she didn’t always know how to break down bigger goals into actionable items—EOS gave her the clarity she needed to succeed.

“I love the way that EOS is laid out,” she said. “If you use this system and these tools on a consistent basis, you have no choice but to gain Traction™ and to move forward. If you’re always focused on those things and moving forward, then the success is a byproduct of the process.”

AssistPro’s challenge

But things weren’t always easy for AssistPro. The company uses team leaders that oversee 45 assistants across several states, and the remote nature of the business made it tricky to implement EOS purely. “The Level 10 Meeting agenda is a written document,” Jenna said. “My team lives in a virtual world, and keeping everyone on the same page is a challenge. Especially with a lot of part-time people, it’s a challenge finding the right pulse and tools.”

Finding efficiency with software for EOS

Jenna was introduced to Traction Tools in 2016, while she was assisting two EOS Implementers. They talked with Traction Tools Partner Todd Smart, and tried the platform. For Jenna, who was newer to EOS, Traction Tools connected the dots, because it placed everything in one central location. She decided the platform would be a good fit for her own business, and AssistPro began actively using Traction Tools in 2017.

“Traction Tools helped us bridge the gap between the written document and turning it into a real-time system for a virtual team across many states,” Jenna said.

Using Traction Tools makes it easy for AssistPro to stay in communication with the team leaders and view all the different EOS tools of each team. Teams have their own Level 10 Meetings, and Jenna has access to each of them. She says that it’s made a huge difference to have a central location for all of their documentation and tools, with consistency across the teams.

The Traction Tools difference

Since using Traction Tools, AssistPro has become more efficient in running Level 10 Meetings, and staying committed to the agenda. “With 45 women, we’re all high fact-finders and high follow-through on the Kolbe A™ Index. So the check-in portion of the agenda can take quite a while,” Jenna said. “When we need to get down to business, Traction Tools has definitely helped us be more efficient because the built-in timer keeps us on-time.”

AssistPro’s Level 10 Meetings have become smoother, as well. The built-in video conferencing connects the remote team in real-time. One person shares their screen and runs the meeting while anyone can assign To-Dos as the team progresses through the agenda.

“Traction Tools has made our meetings more streamlined and visually appealing,” Jenna said. “It’s easier to follow along versus the Google Doc we had used before. Traction Tools follows the principles of EOS with keeping things clear and simple.”

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And another bonus: when AssistPro assistants get matched with EOS Implementers that use Traction Tools, they already know how to use the software and can hit the ground running from day one.

Is Traction Tools right for you?

If you’re looking for a way to run EOS efficiently, Jenna has a recommendation. “Definitely give Traction Tools a try,” she said. “Any system that makes EOS clear and simple for everyone is definitely worth a look. Check it out, use the features and give it enough time to fall into a meeting pulse.” We couldn’t agree more!

It’s easy to get started with Traction Tools, and it’s free for 30 days! Start your free trial today.

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