Case Study: Traction® Tools Helps Take HomePro Out of Crisis Mode


What do you do when your business is booming? If you’re like Wally Conway, you go into crisis mode. Wally started HomePro Inspections as a man-in-a-van business in the mid-90s. At the time, it was just him. Now he has a staff of 15, and the company is earning over $1 million a year.  

Wally’s a media-savvy guy, and he knew he could build the business by thinking differently. So he gave educational presentations at organizations, which opened the door to some prime TV deals. Those included four seasons of “House Detective” on HGTV, followed by “Finders Fixers” on DIY network. Later, he began a call-in radio show. Business was booming. 

“And that’s how we came to crisis mode,” Wally said.

What’s the Vision, What’s the Exit Plan?

HomePro Inspections was growing, and Wally couldn’t run it on a scrap piece of paper anymore. They were fumbling around to find different ways to bring structure to the business, while also trying to figure out where it was going. It was a double whammy: What’s our vision, and how do we get there? 

Those are familiar questions for most businesses running on the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. But for Wally, the big looming question was, How do I get off the ride? He needed an exit strategy, and he didn’t have much time to figure it out. “I’ll be 64 in September,” he said. “I’m a pretty fit fellow, I love to work. But at the same time, the way to enjoy other things is to be not encumbered by work.” 

The passive income he wanted to retire on wouldn’t be possible for a company their size. HomePro needed to triple their annual revenue, and they would need to get the Right People in the Right Seats. 

Growing the Business with EOS® 

It was during Wally’s quest to solve those questions that a friend asked if he had read Traction. He devoured the book and shared it with Ryan, his COO. EOS had the framework for growth and organization that would get HomePro exactly where they needed to be. The team jumped in and self-implemented EOS for about three months, before hiring an Implementer.

They set lofty goals for their first year of implementation and aimed to double their gross revenue. “We mapped it out, clear as day on the Scorecard,” Wally said.

For HomePro, the EOS Scorecard has been the single biggest difference since implementing EOS. “We have absolute clarity on the single most important metric, and we know how that metric impacts revenue,” he said. “Eight new real estate agents per week translate to a million dollars in revenue per year. Now that we know that’s the most important measurable on the Scorecard, we can trace all other activities to or from that.”

Traction Tools Delivers Business Benefits

Traction Tools software for EOS has been a major part of HomePro’s success, too.

“Initially, we were running all of our meetings using the Google Doc that our Integrator, Ryan, had built,” Wally said. “After our first all-day session with our Implementer, he suggested taking a look at a software solution. He gave us two options and we chose Traction Tools. It’s been a great decision.”

The biggest benefit that Traction Tools brings: “Clarity. We have absolute clarity on who’s accountable for what,” Wally said. “We have clarity on the Accountability Chart, the right activities, and how many of those activities need to be performed each week.”

Like many Visionaries, Wally lives by the Traction Tools mobile app. There’s never a time or place he isn’t connected to EOS. “If I have a brainstorm, I can take out my phone, set it as an Issue on the appropriate Level 10 Meeting™, and know that thought didn’t get lost. It’s even been kind of comical because several times I’ve entered the same thought multiple times and didn’t even know I had. We’ll get into the meeting and Ryan says, ‘You must be serious about this issue, it’s on the list three times.’”

Traction Tools makes it easy and trouble-free for Wally to build his business. “All I have to do is get out the phone and add something to the Issues list. I don’t need to do anything else. It gets into Traction Tools, and we’re accountable to it. And then it ends up on the To-Do List and gets assigned to me or whoever is appropriate. And now it’s tracked and actionable.”

EOS + Traction Tools = A Stronger Business

Using Traction Tools to run on EOS, HomePro Inspections now has a vision and a solid framework to reach their 1-Year Plan, 3-Year Picture™ and 10-Year Target™. For the first time, they know where they’re going and how they’ll get there. Better yet, Wally has an exit strategy so he can retire without worry.

HomePro Inspections has been using Traction Tools for about a year, but they’re still getting blown away by the EOS software. Wally attended the latest conference for companies running on EOS, hoping to pick up some best practices for the services industry. But he was surprised by the Traction Tools pre-conference seminar.

“It was so interesting, watching the gentleman from Traction Tools on stage and a woman from EOS Worldwide.” As the audience made feature requests, Wally noticed that some of them were shot down by EOS Worldwide. “She said, ‘No, we can’t do that because it’s not consistent with EOS.’” At that moment, a lightbulb flicked on for Wally. “I realized that EOS is consistent and congruent and clean and to the point. And Traction Tools is perfectly aligned with EOS.” 

That alignment was a huge confidence booster—it gave him peace of mind that Traction Tools would never take his company off the rails. He can count on the software to give HomePro the optimum experience as they run on EOS.

Looking to get better business results? See what Traction Tools software for EOS can do for your company! Start your free trial now.

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