Embracing gratitude at Traction® Tools


As the days grow shorter and the end of another year approaches, we’ve had plenty of time to think through all the 2020 experiences that brought us to where we are now. Despite the fact that this year was unlike any other, we couldn’t help but notice how many things we still have to be grateful for. We want to take this opportunity to reflect on and express gratitude for all the wonderful things, people and experiences that made a difference for us throughout this year. 

We’d like to share some things that brought smiles to our faces this year in an effort to encourage our readers to find the same inspiration from their own experiences!

1. Already having a solid remote work structure

It was difficult for a lot of businesses to navigate how to handle business when COVID hit, ourselves included. The fact that we were already a 100% remote company prevented us from needing to update our daily operations. This allowed us to focus our energy on what’s most important to us: keeping our EOS® meeting software up to date so our awesome customers can keep being the rockstars they always have been (you’ll hear more about them later…).

2. The EOS® Community

Where do we even begin? Since day one, our EOS® family has been a go-to for inspiring ideas, making treasured connections and helping each other move forward. The entrepreneurs we’ve met along the way are the reason we’re even able to do what we do! They take incredible risks to pursue their vision and never take their eyes off the big picture. This gives us the opportunity to support them in keeping their vision alive, and we will never, ever take that for granted. 

3. Our rockstar partners

When we talk about “our team,” we’re talking about the team members here at Traction Tools. The thing is, our actual team is so much broader than that.  Traction® Tools is so much more than software; it’s a community. It takes a village to run a company—from friends, to organizations we love and share a similar vision—and we’d like to recognize some invaluable members of our village… our all-star partners:

4. Our customers… aka awesome entrepreneurs like YOU!

Is it cheesy to gush about how grateful we are that our customers are the best entrepreneurs we could possibly work with? If so, grab some crackers and wine, because here we go: When our customers succeed, it inspires us to continue our own growth: whether it’s updating our software to keep up with all the cool things you all are doing, or learning new strategies and techniques from you for our own success, you influence us every day. Seriously. Never change. 

5. Our global team

We honestly would not have made it through this year without our cherished Traction Tools family. With so many team members from all over the world, we owe all our success to the people who bring their unique perspectives that make us better with every passing day. In addition to shouting out the team as whole, we heard from a few of our team members about what they’re grateful for this year, too! Check out what they had to say: 


I am thankful, grateful and humbled to be part of this team of helpers, optimizers and overall fantastic people. The levels of trust and transparency that are built into the Traction Tools culture (and seem to be getting better and better everyday) are truly unprecedented. This is a workplace like none other. I’m also overwhelmingly grateful for the health and happiness of my friends and family.


I am immensely thankful that my entire family (and there are a LOT of us) is healthy and safe. I am thankful that one of my college friends, who was in the ICU on a ventilator for weeks and looked like he might not make it, got through it and is on the road to recovery. I am thankful that I get to see my sister and her family next week. And I am thankful for the team I get to work with every single day!!!


I am thankful for the learning experience this year has brought me. Thanks to 2020 I have opened my eyes to appreciate the little things that bring joy to my life. Today more than ever I give thanks for the health of my loved ones, for my amazing job, and the people I get to work with.

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