Entrepreneurial mindset: transformation through Traction® with Ramiro Saborio Robelo


As the third installment of Entrepreneurial Mindset comes to a close, Ramiro shares how he discovered Traction Tools, along with his insight on using it to foster a transparent, gold-tier organization—and it all started with a bike ride.


The bike ride that changed everything

With local politics coming to a head, Ramiro knew he needed to stay agile. To keep his organization healthy, he needed more than just determination—he needed a process for success.

As a graduate of the Entrepreneurial Master Program (EMP), he began talking to his colleagues about what to do next—and the same phrase popped up over and over again: EOS®.

Then, one day, he went for a bike ride.

“I always put on my headphones and listen to a book [when I ride my bike],” he says. “One of the books I read was Get a Grip by Gino Wickman, and that just piqued my interest. I bought the other books and [realized] this guy has it down. The recipe is clear. It’s just more simple—but not simplistic.”

Ramiro started actively researching EOS and realized there was something there. He started slowly by helping his forum mates bring EOS into their own businesses. Eventually, he wasn’t just helping his friends; he was helping friends of friends, too. He realized that not only was EOS the perfect way to maintain flexibility, but it was also the key to success for his primary business.

Enter: Traction Tools

Ramiro found Traction Tools the same way a lot of you do: the internet. He began exploring with deliberate forethought, easing into running Level 10 Meetings™ online.

Slowly, over time, he expanded their internal use of Traction Tools to have Scorecard metrics across multiple departments, including leadership, their operations team, administrative and HR, and even a processing plant with measurable goals to hit.

“We’re not at a place where everybody has a Rock and everyone has a number to hit,” he says on his fractional EOS strategy. “It has to be [done] little by little. We’ve been doing it since 2019, and we have a long way to go. […] Traction Tools just does it automatically, and it’s amazing. I’m super happy with it.”

Finding a process that actually works

According to Ramiro, meeting efficiency has skyrocketed with the use of Level 10 Meetings. He describes how, before Traction Tools, meetings tended to get hijacked; conversations would keep going and going without any clear next steps. But with Traction Tools, Ramiro finds it easy to designate and communicate objectives while encouraging participation.

Ramiro compares the predictable meeting structure to the likes of the world’s greatest: “When you think of Olympians … they do the same routine every single day, 8 hours a day, and that’s how they become pros. That’s how they’re at the top of their game. Same thing goes with a company. How do you become a pro? Doing the same agenda, the same type of meeting with the same structure, week after week after week. It may sound robotic, it may sound boring, but that’s how you become a pro.”

As far as how the new process has helped his company’s success, Ramiro doesn’t expect to stray from the updated structure any time soon.

“You may have the tools—the knowledge—on what you can do within your company,” he says, “but Traction Tools is the software that’s going to help you make it happen.”


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