EOS Implementers®: Eliminate These New-Client Frustrations


If there’s such a thing as a calling, implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) with privately-held company leadership teams is mine. I’ve been a Professional EOS Implementer® for six-and-a-half years, although I identify as an entrepreneur first and an Implementer second. I’m an eight-time entrepreneur over the last 27 years, and Traction Tools is one of those companies.

I love, love entrepreneurs. They’re my people—we’re kindred spirits. I am connected to entrepreneurs in such a visceral way that I feel their pain. I’ve been through some very painful entrepreneurial experiences myself, including some massive failures in the late 1990s, and I get their pains as well as their opportunities. If you’re an EOS Implementer, you can probably relate.

I’m in the entrepreneur’s camp, and I’ll do anything to help them succeed. That’s why I love EOS—it gives me an amazing toolbox and methodology that sets entrepreneurs up for success. So as a business coach, I don’t have to be reinventing the wheel for each client.

Challenges with New EOS Clients

I’ve seen several clients go through some trial and error when they’re learning EOS. In my experience, companies spend a lot of time organizing themselves around the EOS tools—especially at the beginning of the journey, before they’ve figured out a system for all the spreadsheets and Google Drive. EOS is beautifully simple, but these companies don’t apply simple methods to organize their documents.

I have clients that have spent oodles of hours working on their spreadsheets and getting them organized on a shared drive, and figuring out how to communicate and who’s going to update what and when. And half of those companies create suboptimal tools to manage EOS. Spending all that time on homegrown tools doesn’t give them the highest value.

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The great thing about Traction Tools is that it helps companies get the most value from EOS, right out of the gate.

Get More Value from Day One

Traction Tools helps companies run EOS more consistently—especially at the beginning of the journey. Otherwise they go through all the pain of creating a system for tracking the tools, and they spend plenty of hours trying to manage it on their own. But Traction Tools gives them a track for their train to run on, in a turn-key way.

Early on, I tell my clients to get a Traction Tools demo. If they like the demo, the Client Success team will import all their data within 24 hours, and train them how to use the system with their own data. Then they can jump in and run their first Level 10 Meeting using the tool.

Traction Tools is like the bumpers in a bowling lane—even if you’re the worst bowler at the alley, you’ll still knock a couple of pins down. Traction Tools is like that. You could be really rough in your understanding of EOS, but you’ll still get value when you use Traction Tools, because you’ll have those guard rails.

If you have a remote team member, including that person in an equal way can be a challenge, as well. So many people are working remotely today—in fact, the entire Traction Tools team is remote. Just 20 years ago, it wasn’t possible to hold a remote team together, but now we’ve got 4 million employees in the U.S. working from home. Companies need to make the most of those people in their Level 10 Meetings™ and Same Page Meetings™.

With the integration of Zoom into Traction Tools, we’ve made it dramatically simpler to include a remote team member in your meetings. The built-in video conferencing connects the remote team in real-time. One person shares their screen and runs the meeting, and anyone can assign To-Dos as you go through the agenda.

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Boost Your Value As an Implementer

I love what Traction Tools does not only for my clients, but also for me as an EOS Implementer. Traction Tools makes my work with clients more predictable, because I always have the right information at our offsite meetings. There’s a feature in Traction Tools that lets you simply click a button and you get quarterly printouts. All the information your clients need to bring to the offsite meeting is right there in a single PDF. I love the simplicity of that. So their information is instantly delivered to me, and it’s in the right order.

It’s like going to your CPA during tax season. They send you a huge list of everything you need to bring, and you go around your house like a squirrel looking for your nuts. It takes you hours to gather all your stuff, but more often than not you still don’t have everything your CPA wants you to bring. The Implementers with clients that aren’t on Traction Tools tell me that for the first four quarters of working together, clients bring in the wrong stuff or incomplete stuff, every time. It compromises your value as an Implementer. There’s none of that with Traction Tools.

Give Your Clients More Value

If your clients have spent more time organizing themselves than focusing on using EOS tools, maybe it’s time to introduce them to Traction Tools. They’ll be running EOS more efficiently from Day One, and you’ll be empowered to provide more value as their EOS Implementer.
Talk to us today about your free 30-day trial!

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