FAQ: If Traction® Tools Is So Easy, Why Do We Need Training?


Trying out new tech is like Christmas morning and the excitement of unwrapping a new toy. Suddenly you can do all kinds of new things that you couldn’t do before. You’re more productive, more connected, more efficient, more delighted. And it’s so much fun to use!

Except when it isn’t. Sometimes, new tech is confusing, or it doesn’t get setup right, or you don’t have all the components you need. Your joy turns to cursing as you get stalled out.

At Traction® Tools, it’s our mission to make sure your joy never turns to cursing. That’s why we provide unlimited free software training for your entire organization. We call it a walkthrough, because it’s more of a quick orientation than a training class. But whatever you call it, our software startup is one of the ways we ensure you’ll love using Traction Tools from Day One.

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What should you expect from Traction Tools training? Check out our FAQ below!

If Traction Tools is so easy, why do we need training?

EOS® itself has a learning curve. If you’re new to the Entrepreneurial Operating System® and new to Traction Tools, you’re learning two systems at once. Taking the walkthrough makes your learning curve a lot easier and shorter.

Our quick walkthrough lets you hit the ground running, rather than slowly ramping up. You’ll be able to run a Level 10 Meeting™ the very first week you sign up, which means you’ll get full value out of the EOS software right away—not a bit at a time. Think of it as a quick guide that shows you some of the things you would discover on your own, but more quickly.

What do we get with our training?

You’ll meet with a live person on a video call, who will walk you through the software. There’s  no canned script, so your onboarding experience is completely customized to your team’s needs. The first thing we’ll do is ask about your current knowledge of EOS, so we can tailor the training and the way we speak to match your familiarity with EOS.

We’re always available to help you and your people get the most out of Traction Tools software for EOS, and we’ll accommodate any training needs you may have—including:

  • Group training for your entire leadership team
  • One-on-one training for individuals
  • Refresher training, as needed
  • Walkthroughs of specific features or tools in the software

We can also send you links to one- to two-minute YouTube videos as an alternate training method. Currently, we provide a six-video series and a 21-video series on getting started in Traction Tools.

When should we do the walkthrough?

The sooner the better. It doesn’t do your leadership team any good if you’re not using the EOS software you signed up for! It’s always best to do the walkthrough in the first week, if possible, so that you can take advantage of Traction Tools at your next Level 10 Meeting.

Who should get trained?

When you first start with the software, it’s best to have your entire leadership team go through the walkthrough at the same time. Group sessions get everyone up and running at once, and they give you more value—groups generate better questions, and team members help each other learn faster.

As you roll out Traction Tools throughout your company, each employee should get some kind of training. Often, you can train people internally, but we’re always available if you need us!

What if we need more training later?

We’ll be ready for you! Our clients often request additional training, and for all kinds of reasons:

  • New hires who need to get onboarded fast
  • Veteran employees who need a refresher
  • People with questions about specific functions or tools

We offer unlimited free training. If anyone at your company ever needs a walkthrough, for any reason, at any time—we’re happy to help.

The Greatest Difference

The Traction Tools walkthrough stands out among software experiences, because our people are just as committed to your success as you are. Our Client Success Team is a group of people who care deeply about providing exceptional support, and you can see it in every training session.

Our feedback numbers are through the roof at 98 percent positive scores. That’s because our people deliver concierge-level service to every person we talk to. As a company, we never want to lose that personal touch with our clients, and we want every client to feel free to reach out to us anytime to set up a session.

Still haven’t had your walkthrough session yet? There’s no better time. Schedule your Traction Tools training today!

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