Female Integrators: This Event Could Elevate Your Career


There’s nothing like the power of a community of like-minded female leaders who are all in the same role as you. When women Integrators can inspire, encourage and learn from each other, it takes them to a whole new level. That’s what the annual FIM Summit delivers. No matter what your industry, company size or region, you can be equipped as a leader in a way that no other event can provide.

The 2019 FIM Summit is right around the corner—October 13-15, in Dallas, Texas—and this year’s event promises to be the highlight of your professional year.

Work ON Your Career at the FIM Summit

Female Integrators Mastermind is a virtual community of women Integrators, dedicated to cultivating the advancement of female leaders everywhere. The annual FIM Summit gives female Integrators tools and disciplines to hone the skills that you’ve gained from the Entrepreneurial Operating System®

EOS® gets you working ON your business as well as IN your business. That should also be true of your professional development. To keep moving your company forward and honing your skills, it’s just as important to work ON your career as it is to work IN your daily role. The FIM Summit connects you with other female leaders so you can learn from their real-life experiences and share your own. That means less trial-by-error and more exponential career development.

“We’ve put together a list of speakers who can cover a wide range of topics,” said Kristie Clayton, founder of FIM. “When you go to each session, these women are going to share real-life experiences. They’ll share what worked for them and what didn’t work. Each speaker will provide actionable items you can use in your own role—not just theory.”

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What You’ll Gain at the Summit

At the FIM Summit, you’ll be inspired and motivated, but there will be a lot more than that. You’ll walk away with actionable items that you can implement and work on as soon as you get back to the office. But it doesn’t end there.

“The beauty of it is that when you walk out of the Summit, it doesn’t go away,” Kristie said. “When the Summit is done, you’re not left alone. You have FIM group chats and ongoing learning workshops that you can participate in. You can continue to inspire and encourage other women beyond the three-day event.”

The Summit purposefully nurtures opportunities for very intimate conversations with other attendees. You’ll break out into small groups and get paired with people who share similarities with you. The weekend is designed to help you network and make strong connections with others who have walked your path 

What else should you expect at the Summit? Glad you asked! Here’s a few things:

  • Tighter community bond through face-to-face connection with other FIM members
  • Clarity and focus from drawing on the experiences of others who have been where you are
  • Sharpened skills to use EOS tools and disciplines to get more Traction® 
  • Renewed perspective from investing in time away to nurture yourself
  • Proven actionable insights for your issues and challenges

Incredible Speakers

This year’s featured speakers and session leaders make up a who’s-who among the EOS community. You can check out all the speakers at the Summit’s website, but it’s worth highlighting the featured speakers:

  • Mary Pat Knight. Mary Pat is an emotional intelligence coach with an amazing message that will challenge you to be a bold and brave leader.
  • Kelly Knight. Who better to learn from than EOS Worldwide’s Integrator? Kelly will share her unique story, the mission-driven gifts of being an Integrator and top ten practical takeaways for making a meaningful difference in your organization starting today.
  • Jill Young. Jill is a well-known Certified EOS Implementer™ in the EOS community, and an in-demand speaker. She has been gaining a lot of attention, especially from people who went to the EOS conference last year. She’ll also be the closing keynote speaker at the EOS conference in 2020.

By the way, I’ll also be speaking at the Summit. Be sure to join my session, “The Visionary/Integrator™ Relationship—Building a dynamic duo with the right Meeting Pulse™.” You’ll discover how to strengthen your relationship with your company’s Visionary. This powerful relationship isn’t optional—it’s critical for the success of your team and organization.

Register for the 2019 FIM Summit Before It’s Too Late

The 2019 FIM Summit is open to any female Integrator. You can sign up as a non-member, and you’ll get a one-year FIM membership. You’ll also get free passes to the cocktail hour Sunday evening and a dinner reception Monday. 

Seats are still available, but they’re limited. Register now!

The Female Integrators Mastermind

Female Integrators Mastermind is dedicated to cultivating the advancement of women leaders. Not just women Integrators. FIM is a group of women who make an impact on the business world. They don’t want to simply help each other to be the best they can be—FIM members want to see that trickle out to their leadership teams, flowing over into the community and into their families, to cultivate the advancement of women leaders everywhere.

Traction®  Tools is sponsoring the FIM Women’s Summit event on October 13–15, 2019. Come out and meet other FIM members and learn from others’ experiences who have been where you are!

Register for the 2019 FIM Summit!

Kathy Mayfield is speaking at the 2019 FIM Summit

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