Guatemalan Business Owner Is Taking EOS® to Latin America


As far as Christian Bruns knows, his was the first business in Latin America to use a Professional or Certified EOS Implementer™. A year later, he also became the first Professional EOS Implementer living in Latin America. Within that time, Christian had gone from frustrated entrepreneur to passionate evangelist for the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. His mission: to spread EOS® throughout Central and South America.

Christian owns IMFOHSA Dental Center, an 85-year-old corporation in Guatemala with several companies. His primary company sells dental supplies to dentists, he owns a chain of dental clinics and he helps organize dental tourism from the United States. Christian has been at the helm of IMFOHSA for over 20 years.

EOS Comes to Latin America

A few years ago, Christian had become frustrated by a lack of control and lack of profit. After several years of looking for answers, he heard about EOS from a good friend in the United States. Christian did some research online and approached his board of directors about hiring an EOS Implementer. They weren’t excited about the idea.

IMFOHSA had tried consultants and other solutions in the past, but improvements were always short-lived. The board didn’t want to spend more money on something that wouldn’t work—especially since IMFOHSA would have to fly in an Implementer from the United States. But Christian convinced them to give it a try.

“The Implementer came, led the Focus Day and the leadership team was fully on-board. By the time we did the second session, we were convinced that EOS was different from those other consulting things,” Christian said. “It was a system that had a lot of follow-through and a long-proven track record—not just some individual business experience.”

Investing in Latin America

It wasn’t long before Christian began to wonder why EOS Worldwide didn’t have any Implementers in Latin America. “We had to invest in simultaneous translation on top of flying in someone from the States,” Christian explained. “And we were paying US fees, which are much higher than Latin American rates.” So he approached the EOS Worldwide leadership team about investing in Latin America, but there was some question about how much opportunity for expansion Latin America provided. Christian would need to show results.

He decided to become an EOS Implementer and introduce EOS to Latin America. So last year the Guatemalan business owner flew to a wintry Detroit to become a Professional EOS Implementer, and he started developing his Implementer business. At the same time, he continued to run IMFOHSA. A year-and-a-half later, he’s spending 60 percent of his time in the corporation and 40 percent on implementing EOS.

How have Latin American businesses responded when they hear about EOS? “Once they decide to give it a try and do the Focus Day, they love it,” Christian said. “This week I have a lot of EOS sessions. This is a very busy month with client Quarterlies.

“It has been a challenge to promote EOS in Latin America,” he said. “I have three clients here. The countries where business owners have opened their doors to me are Colombia and Panama. So I have to travel a lot—about two or three times per month. But it’s like a flywheel that’s just starting to turn.”

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What the Future Holds

Christian’s 3-Year Picture™ includes having Guatemala become a hub for other Professional EOS Implementers living and working throughout Latin America. He believes creating a Spanish-speaking home base for other talented professionals will augment the great work being done in North America by EOS Worldwide.

“The company’s leadership team has demonstrated its passion for helping Latin American entrepreneurs by fully supporting the growth of my business throughout Central and South America,” said Christian. “We worked together to translate the EOS Leadership team manual into Spanish, and with the company’s publisher, BenBella Books, to translate Traction and What the Heck Is EOS? into Spanish. My plan is to match that commitment by serving Latin American entrepreneurs who want to purely implement EOS, and working to identify and support other business leaders who want to become EOS Implementers themselves.”

(You can get Tracción: Obtén Control De Tu Negocio and ¿Qué Rayos Es EOS? at the Traction Library.)

Purpose Behind the Passion

For Christian, bringing EOS to Latin American businesses isn’t just about helping companies succeed. It’s about helping Latin America succeed. “The changes that a company can make through EOS—not just for the entrepreneur, but for the life of the whole leadership team and the whole company—it’s huge,” Christian said. “I’ve seen it firsthand in my own company and in others. It’s not just about making good money implementing, but the impact that I have on the people that I’m able to coach and teach. It’s something that gives me great pleasure.

“And through EOS we can do so much good for Latin America. We fight against poverty in all of our countries, but with an old belief: giving the fish instead of teaching to fish. But EOS provides a system to make the companies very profitable from the inside out, putting the Right People in the Right Seats, and gaining more opportunity. There’s a higher purpose behind EOS that I really believe in. And to be a part of that, and maybe in 20 years see that EOS is huge in Latin America, making the region very competitive, and that I was a big part of that—that gives me motivation.”

EOS (and Traction Tools) Is Wherever You Are!

As EOS expands in the global market, Traction Tools software is there. We’re partnering with Implementers and their clients around the world to run efficiently on EOS. Want to learn more? Get an on-demand demo right now!

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