Here’s What Certified EOS Implementers® Are Saying About Traction® Tools


If you’ve heard that Traction Tools software helps your EOS® clients run Level 10 Meetings™, you’ve heard wrong. Traction Tools is more than a meeting agenda—it’s a powerful platform that helps leadership teams get to the next level as they run on the Entrepreneurial Operating System®.

Built to work in all Six Key Components™ of a business, our EOS software boosts the productivity and effectiveness of any leadership team. More and more EOS Implementers® are becoming huge fans of Traction Tools, because they’ve discovered the value it delivers to their clients—and even to their own Implementer business

What kind of value? Good question! Here’s what Certified EOS Implementers® are saying about Traction Tools.

Quicker EOS Onboarding

Traction Tools helps entrepreneurial companies get ramped up with EOS, right out of the gate. Implementers tell us that by the time leadership teams get to Vision Building™ 1, their Level 10 Meetings have been humming along for weeks. There are hardly any corrections to make, because clients have already figured out their agenda, they’re coming prepared, and they’re IDSing™ correctly.

“Traction Tools is like the bumpers in a bowling lane—even if you’re the worst bowler at the alley, you’ll still knock a couple of pins down,” said Certified EOS Implementer Todd Smart. “You could be really rough in your understanding of EOS, but you’ll still get value when you use Traction Tools, because you’ll have those guard rails.”

Certified Implementer John McMahon agrees. “When a company is brand-new to EOS, their heads are swimming” with new information. “Traction Tools gives them one less thing to process—everything they need to do is right there in one place. There’s no reason for them to worry about how to create a spreadsheet to capture and track all their Rocks and Scorecard numbers. You take all those questions off the table.”

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Faster Traction 

If your client is up and running with EOS sooner, they’re going to gain Traction faster too. And we’re seeing it all the time as teams use Traction Tools. “Clients that use Traction Tools move faster than those who don’t,” said Certified EOS Implementer John LaFontsee. “They’re learning fast, and they are getting more out of their business.”

As a result, Implementers report that these leadership teams are getting healthy more quickly. Traction Tools is “the fastest and most effective way to gain Traction using EOS,” said Justin Maust, Certified EOS Implementer. “There is simply no better support tool to help my respective teams to stay focused on the vision, gain weekly Traction and build a healthy culture than by leveraging the Traction Tools platform.”

More Value from You

When your client hits the ground running, it frees you up as an Implementer to give more value to leadership teams. Less time onboarding means more time digging into Issues with teams and helping them to apply the EOS Foundational Tools™ more effectively. 

“I love what Traction Tools does not only for my clients, but also for me as an EOS Implementer,” said Todd Smart. “It makes my work with clients more predictable, because I always have the right information at our offsite meetings.”

Imagine new clients bringing you all the right materials for offsite sessions—complete, in order, and ready to go. You don’t spend your time asking about missing printouts (again), explaining the tools (again), or digging around for missing materials (again). Instead, they just click a button before your meeting and the quarterly printouts are instantly delivered to your inbox. 

Now you can spend your offsite sessions on the stuff that adds value.

Mike Paton, Certified EOS Implementer and Visionary at EOS Worldwide, has seen firsthand how using Traction Tools can help Implementers do their work. “It’s helped the EOS Worldwide leadership team, my EOS Implementer practice, and many of my clients run more efficient Level 10 Meetings, keep a V/TO™ and Accountability Chart at hand and up to date, and better manage Rocks, To-Dos, and Issues,” he said.

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Less Busywork for Them

When you get started with Traction Tools, you don’t have any busywork to do. There’s no tedious setup, no need to figure out your spreadsheets from scratch or create a bunch of templates to use. Instead, the Traction Tools support team takes care of it all for you, in a flash! Hit the ground running on Traction Tools the same day you sign up—no muss, no fuss. 

“Traction Tools helps companies accelerate their learning in a way that avoids all the distractions that don’t add value—gathering paper, managing multiple spreadsheets and documents,” John McMahon said. “I think Traction Tools makes it easy for them to do business with us.”

Todd Smart agrees: “Traction Tools helps companies run EOS more consistently—especially at the beginning of the journey. Otherwise they go through all the pain of creating a system for tracking the tools, and they spend plenty of hours trying to manage it on their own. But Traction Tools gives them a track for their train to run on, in a turn-key way.”

Get Your Clients to the Next Level—FAST! 

As an EOS Implementer, you’re passionate about helping your clients gain Traction and live the life they long for. That’s what Traction Tools is all about. Our software can help businesses get up and running on EOS, fast—so you can help them get to the next level from Day One.

Find out more about how Traction Tools can help you boost your clients’ success. Get an on-demand demo now!

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