Just Arrived: Top New Features from Our Latest Release


Traction® Tools is constantly finding new ways to make our EOS® software better, easier and more enjoyable for our clients. We get excited about the smallest improvements, because we know that every little detail makes a difference to your overall experience. The changes we’ve just released are a pretty big deal, and we thought it was time to do a little humble bragging on our engineering team. 

We are really stoked about these latest updates—especially since some of the features have topped our most-requested list from clients. Don’t be surprised if you see something here that you’ve been asking for!

Here’s a quick highlight of the biggest Traction Tools changes we’ve made lately. 

Accountability Tops the Chart

The Accountability Chart is the star of this release. We wanted to make the Accountability Chart easier to view and edit, so we reimagined the whole thing. We’ve made several updates that we think you’re going to love. 

Navigating the chart

If your organization has more than a handful of people, you can get lost in the Accountability Chart—especially if you’ve zoomed in and panned around a bit. We’ve added a few tools to find your way around the chart quickly and easily:

  • The new Recenter button snaps you back to the center of the display.
  • Expand or hide levels of the Accountability Chart for a simpler view. 
  • The search bar now displays people by their role. If someone has multiple roles, each role is displayed separately so you can go directly to the right role.

Making Edits 

We’ve changed the way to make changes. It wasn’t bad before, but it wasn’t all that great, either. Now you can make all your changes to a role in a pop-up sidebar. It’s less cramped, easy to use, and great for viewing details about each role.

Need to move accountability for a role to a different supervisor? No prob, Bob—just grab the top of the box in the Accountability Chart and drag it to the new supervisor. Traction Tools automatically connects the two and snaps the box into place under that supervisor. 


If your Accountability Chart is big enough, it’ll be tricky to print it all on one page. That is, unless you use the new compact mode. Click the Compact button at the top of the page to make the best use of your white space, for a more printer-friendly layout.

You can also adjust the page dimensions when you export to PDF to keep the chart to a single PDF page.

Sharing Is a Cinch

We’ve added two features that let you share important information with people outside of your leadership team or departmental Level 10 Meetings™.

Quarterly Printouts

It’s easier than ever to send your quarterly printout to your EOS Implementer™. From the Manage L10 screen, just click on the Send to Implementer button and enter your Implementer’s email address. You can send the printout right away or schedule a date to send it. Just set it and forget it!

Meeting Summaries

By default, everyone in your Level 10 Meeting receives a summary of the meeting. But sometimes it makes sense for other people to receive it too—maybe your assistant, or another department supervisor. 

If that’s the case, it’s easy to include them on the summary. Just click on the Meeting Summary Subscribers button in the L10 Manage screen and add them to the list. They’ll get a read-only version of the Level 10 Meeting Summary after each meeting (they can read the email, but can’t click on any links to Traction Tools).

Workspace Widgets

The Traction Workspace has several little updates that make it more convenient to use. Here’s a quick tour of the latest additions:

  • Custom Workspace. You can now create and set your own custom primary Workspace. Note: If you set one of the standard Workspaces (e.g., sales, finance or operations) as your primary Workspace, you won’t be able to edit the Workspace. Also, if you change your primary Workspace, your default initial Workspace will be lost. 
  • Adding items. We’ve added a + icon to many of the tiles, which lets you add items to the tile directly from the Workspace. You can also create and edit new measurables directly from the Workspace, instead of opening the Scorecard.
  • Uploading attachments. You can now upload attachments when you create an Issue, To-Do or headline.
  • Creating Rocks and adding Scorecard measurables. You no longer need to go to the Level 10 Manage page to create Rock or add Scorecard measurable. You can also share Rocks with multiple meetings from the Workspace.
  • Level 10 Stats tile. Data points have been added for viewing Issues Solved, To-Dos Completed and Meeting Ratings. Just hover over the graph on the date of the Level 10 Meeting graph to view the values.

Traction Tools Helps You Score the Win

Traction Tools software for EOS is built on the core values of loving to help, being an optimizer, and finding a way to win. Every software update comes from those values—and our latest release is no exception. If you’re a Traction Tools client, you’ve already got the update. Go check it out, and let us know what you think!

Have more suggestions? We want to hear them! We love making our clients happy, so send your requests our way. We’re always here to help.
Not a Traction Tools client yet? Get started now!

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