Maggie Marques Is on a Mission to Boost Your Business Results


What do you get when you follow EOS® principles of hiring well and getting the Right People in the Right Seat? You get some really amazing people on your team. People like Maggie Marques, who joined Traction Tools in 2016 and quickly established herself in a critical role with our clients.

Maggie is one of the special talents that make Traction® Tools stand out among software tools. It’s her personal mission to ensure clients get the most out of their experience with Traction Tools—and boost their business results. Here’s how she helps make Traction Tools one of your company’s most valuable assets.

A Love for Helping

Maggie sits on the Client Success Team as Traction Tools’ Software Expert. She answers the more advanced ticket requests and meets with clients to answer their questions and provide hands-on training. She also creates our YouTube videos and knowledge base articles. “People hear my voice on those videos and ask me if I’m the Maggie from the video. Yep, that’s me!”

Traction Tools’ first Core Value is We Love Helping. And that’s Maggie in a nutshell. “I love meeting with clients in Zoom sessions, having that personal connection and finding creative ways to help with whatever their needs are,” she said. “That’s what’s important to me. I want to be able to help everybody around me—in my personal life, and at work, with people at Traction Tools and all of our clients. Whenever a new client comes onboard, it’s always exciting to work with them and to help them learn.”

Maggie brings a special touch to her love for helping. She has a rare and wonderful way of connecting personally with just about everyone. For example, she tells of the time she was in a Zoom meeting with a woman for a training session. Maggie sensed something was wrong and asked if she was okay. The client had just lost her brother, and she talked about it with Maggie. “We spent some time together after our Q&A session, and she shared some stories,” Maggie said. “It was nice that she felt like she could do that with me. I was happy to be there for her during that time. Those kinds of connections with our clients are important. Even though most of the time we’re down to business, it’s nice that we can still do that.”

Perhaps it was destined for Maggie to join the Traction Tools team. When she stumbled upon a job listing for Traction Tools, she read it through, top to bottom, countless times. “I stopped looking for a job after I found that listing. It was probably crazy to stop looking for work, but it was kismet, it was just meant to be.”

MM + EOS = True Love

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® was brand-new to Maggie when she joined Traction Tools, but she picked it up quickly. “EOS feels so common-sense,” Maggie said. “I read Traction and said, ‘Everyone needs to be doing this!’ I turned right around and shared it with anybody who would listen.” EOS lit a passion inside of Maggie, and she’s excited to be a part of something that can make such a big difference for companies.

And she especially loves EOS combined with Traction Tools software. “We have sooo much to offer,” Maggie said. “You can use the software simply for Level 10 Meetings™, but there’s so much more you can do with it.” When she meets with clients that have been using Traction Tools for a few months, Maggie always takes the time to make sure they know about the many ways the software helps companies strengthen the Six Key Components™ of their business. “I want to help them run their business better by using Traction Tools. And I want them to see the return on investment and the benefit of using the software for their entire organization—not just at the leadership team level.”

What does Maggie love most about the EOS software? “I’ve been really liking the People Tools (currently in Beta),” she said. “It is really powerful to see all the different People Analyzer records at once. Just that page in itself has so many options. Just grab and slide the scrollbar and see all the historical data changing in front of you.”

Another favorite of hers, which everyone has access to now, is the Edit Pages option for customizing the Level 10 Meeting. You can take selected elements from the Level 10 Meeting Agenda and repurpose them for ad-hoc or project meetings. “That feature alone has opened up a lot of functionality for clients to get even more out of Traction Tools and get more productivity out of their teams and special projects. It really opens up what we can do for people,” Maggie said.

After Hours

Outside of work, Maggie is a big gamer. “That’s actually how my husband and I met—we met in a game.” League of Legends and Oculus Rift’s Beat Saber & Long Bow are favorites of hers. Besides taking their dog for hikes and kayaking in the summer, she and her husband are homebodies. They rescued a little rat-terrier chihuahua named Benny off the street. Ask her, and she’ll gladly tell you the tear-jerking story about the day she lured Benny in with pieces of ham.

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead, Maggie is excited about seeing the Traction Tools engineering team growing and thriving. Two engineers have just been brought onto the team, and she can’t wait to see how the software outperforms itself. “We’ll be able to turn around feature requests and fix bugs faster than ever. I think our clients will be really happy with that,” she said. “We’ll also be making improvements to our user interface to show off some great features that are hard to discover now.”

It’s people like Maggie Marques that elevate Traction Tools, and one of the reasons we’re the first licensed software for EOS. When you sign up for Traction Tools, you don’t just get a piece of software—you get a partner who is dedicated to your company’s success.

Find out why so many companies love Traction Tools—get your free trial right now!

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