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The Level 10 Meeting™ is a huge part of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, but that’s not all there is to EOS®. And it’s not all there is to Traction Tools software for EOS, either!

If you thought Traction Tools is just for running Level 10 Meetings, you’re keeping it in second gear. It’s far more powerful than that. Open the throttle a bit and you’ll discover that Traction Tools is built to boost your team’s effectiveness between Level 10 Meetings, too. 

We don’t have room here to tell you everything the software can do, but here’s a quick glimpse.

Get Things Done During the Week

Traction Tools is amazing at running Level 10 Meetings, but meetings don’t have much value if nothing happens in the space between them. Traction Tools keeps your team accountable for their To-Dos—not just at the next Level 10 Meeting, but throughout the week!

It’s easy to forget that To-Do you said you’d take care of. Traction Tools software boosts the accountability throughout your whole organization. Automated daily reminders prompt your people to complete their To-Dos before the next meeting—so no one on your team can say they forgot to get it done. 

Get Things Done During the Quarter

When you’re getting things done every week, you’re clearing space to get things done every quarter. And Traction Tools can help you with that, too. The software makes it easy to manage and track every Rock in your company. 

  • Rocks are automatically added to the Level 10 Agenda when they’re created. Company Rocks are automatically added to the V/TO™.
  • Share Rocks with other departments that are impacted.
  • Reassign Rocks if you have turnover or a leave of absence.
  • Track progress toward completion throughout the quarter.

Traction Tools uses automation, real-time reporting and other powerful features to help your leadership team maintain accountability each quarter—and to gain Traction toward achieving your company’s 1-Year Plan.

Get Things Done Long-Term

Your V/TO lays out your 1-Year Plan, 3-Year Picture™ and 10-Year Target™. It’s kind of a big deal. And a big deal like that deserves to be constantly top-of-mind with each person in your organization. Traction Tools can help with that!

Our EOS software gives you the complete Vision/Traction Organizer™ at your fingertips. You can create, update and share your company V/TO entirely within Traction Tools. You can even personalize it to your company’s brand.

You’ll find the V/TO in every Level 10 Meeting, so it’s easy to access and always available. Traction Tools integrates the content of the V/TO throughout the software, so that your team always has the right information waiting for you at the right time.

  • Core Values are imported into Quarterly Conversations and Annual Reviews, and they can be added to your personal Workspace.
  • Move Issues from a Level 10 Meeting to the V/TO’s long-term Issues list in a snap!
  • Departmental Rocks are automatically imported from the Level 10 Meeting into the department’s Departmental Plan (its own Traction page of the V/TO).
  • Share the Vision page of your company V/TO with all the Level 10 Meetings (the Traction page is unique to each Level 10 Meeting).

Maximize the 6 Key Components of Your Business

Traction Tools isn’t just for meetings—it incorporates all the EOS Foundational Tools™ and helps you get the most out of the 6 Key Components™ of your business. Here’s how Traction Tools maps to each component:

  1. Vision. Build, update and share your V/TO.
  2. People. Keep your people accountable with the Accountability Chart.
  3. Data. Use the Scorecard to record and measure your company, departmental and employee numbers. 
  4. Issues. Manage and IDS™ all of your company and departmental Issues.
  5. Process. Attach your company’s core processes to notes within Issues, To-Dos or Level 10 Agendas. Advanced features are coming!
  6. Traction. The Rocks module and the Level 10 Meeting™ Agenda will help you gain Traction.

Do It All from One Hub

Your hub for all this performance is the Traction Workspace™. This is your home base for all your EOS Foundational Tools and information. View, track and manage your personal and company information. The dashboard of tiles displays real-time status updates, so you’re constantly in-the-know.

  • Organize and manage your weekly To-Dos.
  • Track progress on your Rocks.
  • Keep your company’s Core Values in view.
  • Monitor Scorecards and track measurables. 
  • View and add Issues.
  • Take and pin personal notes.

The Traction Workspace is fully customizable—add whatever you want to it, omit anything you don’t want. 

Keep the Traction Workspace™ open in your browser and watch your productivity soar! 

Get More Done with Traction Tools

The comprehensive scope of Traction Tools means you don’t need half a dozen software solutions to manage your EOS tasks and information. You can organize and manage everything in one tool, and view your most important information on one screen.

Yes, Traction Tools is amazing when it comes to running your Level 10 Meetings and Same Page Meetings™. But there’s so much more that it can do for your leadership team. 

See what Traction Tools can do for your company. Get an on-demand demo now!

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  • Kathy Mayfield
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