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John Lund wants to get his hands on your sales team. In his past role as the global head of strategy at Entrepreneur’s Organization® and an EOS Implementer™, he’s seen his fair share of cringe-worthy selling. He’s also seen plenty of bad sales training that starts strong but never sticks. So, John is on a mission to fix sales training with an innovative approach.

In January, John launched MYB2BCOACH—a sales training company that incorporates consulting, in-person training and an AI component for ongoing development. As a big believer in the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, John’s system is built to fit into the Vision/Traction Organizer™.

We were intrigued, so we talked with John and his Sales Coach Matt Schultz. Here’s what they had to say.

Sales Training That Works with EOS

Traction Tools: Tell me about your company. What is MYB2BCOACH all about?

John: We’ve seen trainers come in to companies and do a one-day or two-day training session. You get super-excited and you have all these ideas and tools. But stats show that 75-85 percent of those are gone within 90 days. People don’t use the tools, they stop creating the habit of it. That’s why we like this AI software—because people get practice every week to ramp up their salespeople very quickly.

My company aligns with the marketing strategy that companies running on EOS are familiar with. And we combine live coaching with the AI coaching software that you use for practicing, to reinforce the training.

It’s still early, but so far it’s been very successful. The people who are engaged are getting 75 percent better results than people who aren’t engaged.

TT: How do you work with companies?

John: Usually the business owner is a little bit of a unicorn salesperson. They know the answers, they have the passion, they know all the stories, they know how to position the business. They’re the Visionary. They get it. They can answer everything.

But the drawback is that they’re not necessarily very good coaches, and they rarely take the time to download their brain onto the new salespeople. When they’re honest, they tell us, “I just expect them to sell. I just throw them to the wolves. They can learn through repetition and watch me for a day.”

In that first day with leadership teams, we try to download everything from their brain. They know their competitors. We just need to get the key points, and we get three to ten good stories they love to tell every time. We put all that together so we can train based on the owner’s best practices, as well as provide additional skills and insights.

Then we come back and train the staff. We call it Sales S.T.A.C. (Strategy, Training, Accountability, and Coaching). We help them understand who they’re going after, how to position their company, and who to be talking to. We help them with nine key questions and answers that they need to be conversation-comfortable with.

From there, we go into weekly coaching by Zoom and using the AI software for ongoing practice.

TT: How does the AI Software work?

Matt: We partnered with a company out of London who developed a software program for sales coaching. It’s very easy to use and it provides a lot of metrics that we can use to coach salespeople on—words per minute (don’t speak too fast), hot and cold terms (words you should/shouldn’t use in a sales presentation), number of questions asked, etc. This practice helps people perfect their skills.

Reporting on the back end lets us measure how they’re doing at the beginning of the program, two months down the road to six months and see how much they’ve improved. Everything can be done on Zoom.

TT: Sounds like you can use this in a company that’s running on EOS, but also one that isn’t.

John: What I’ve found is that people doing EOS are a natural fit. They believe in facilitation and in having a strong proven process. They’ve already thought about their niche, their target, their three uniques.

When you look in our training notebooks, there’s actually a little space for jotting down To-Dos and Issues [that you can later use in your Level 10 Meetings™]. It’s very EOS-friendly.

I love it when people are on Traction® Tools, by the way. We’re on Traction Tools, and I know that if they’re on it, the odds of this stuff getting done are even better. Because it’s all being measured and managed. We have them do Scorecard metrics as part of the sales training, and it rolls right up to the Director of Sales’ Scorecard.

However, we can work with any company, even if they aren’t using EOS.

TT: What kind of company can you help most?

John: The industries we work with are pretty diverse. Right now we’ve got an engineering company, a data security company, a marketing company. So it’s not industry-specific.

The triggering moment is when they’re about to hire. Either their onboarding in the past hasn’t been very good, or they’ve never hired salespeople and they’re about to. Often they have no way to onboard a salesperson.

Statistically, most people don’t get up to speed for nine months to two years. We’re confident that we’ll knock that down by a minimum of three to six months. So, if they can get up to speed six months faster, that’s a game-changer.

TT: What are you hearing from your clients?

John: The owners have been enjoying it thoroughly. One client has four salespeople, and two are really engaged, one is kind of engaged, and another isn’t engaged. It’s fun to watch, the two that are really engaged have landed some nice sales. The owner is super-excited about how well people have gotten ramped up, but also, he’s seeing who isn’t really willing to learn and grow. And that’s actually comforting to him. He knows he’s given them the time and effort to be successful in sales and can now help find the right seat.

Matt: The feedback we’ve had from the salespeople has been tremendous. Very appreciative for the investment on the owner’s side into their career improvement—but they’re also appreciative of the relationship with MYB2BCOACH. They appreciate the practice with AI, realizing that it’s a safe environment to get better, as opposed to trying these things out in front of a client.

TT: Thanks for your time, gentlemen!

Strengthen Your Sales Team Today

Every company needs a strong sales team. If your business is looking for a better way to equip your salespeople and get them up to speed faster, check out MYB2BCOACH. Their compatibility with EOS and Traction Tools makes them an ideal partner for businesses running on EOS!

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