New software updates to close out 2020!


Our entrepreneurs are always changing and growing, so that means our software is too! One of our biggest priorities is to provide the best user experience within our software. The latest round of updates creates an even better user experience by providing easier navigation and a cleaner interface. 

1. Optimized Navigation Bar

What it was

When you clicked on the “Workspace” link in the navigation bar, it would return you to your primary workspace.

Updated version

It’s now easier than ever to navigate to all of your workspaces. When you click the “Workspace” link, a drop down menu will appear with multiple options. You can easily navigate to all of them, and even create a whole new workspace by clicking the “New Workspace” link in the dropdown. If you do want to navigate to your primary workspace quickly, simply click the Traction® Tools logo in the upper left corner of the screen.

We’ve also added shortcuts to the EOS® Accountability Chart™, People Analyzer™, and Quarterly Conversations™ for those with the People Tools feature activated.

2. Organized Workspace

What it was

There was a large navigation bar at the top of the workspace, and there wasn’t as much room to move tiles around.

Updated version

We added whitespace to the individual tiles so it’s easier to see the information in each tile. We’ve also included a scroll bar on the right side of the screen so you can rearrange tiles easier and faster without missing any information.

3. Accountability Chart™ structure

What it was

There was a large navigation bar at the top of the chart, and the search capabilities weren’t as comprehensive.

Updated version

The orange navigation bar has been removed from the top portion of the screen so there’s more space to view the chart. Search capabilities have been updated so you can now search by a person’s job function in addition to the employee’s name.

We’ve added a blue background grid indicator that activates when you drag and scroll through the screen. This makes it easier for you to know where you’re navigating around the page.

When a box does not have a function, there is a ‘Function not set’ message within the box.

4. New slideout menu in the Accountability Chart™

What it was

A limited amount of employee information was available only within their information box.

Updated version

When you click into an employee information box, you have the option to click a link titled “View user” that takes you to their profile page. This further breaks down their role in the company to help you keep track of everyone’s contribution.

There are also new target icons at the top right side of the information sidebar that will take you directly to a user’s position on the Accountability Chart and show you their supervisor and direct reports. You can easily add direct reports from this menu by clicking a blue plus icon.

We’re always looking for new and creative ways to make our EOS® software as seamless as possible. We’d love to hear about your experience with the updated Traction Tools features!


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  • Gina Richard
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