Onboard EOS® clients faster with Traction® Tools


Professional and Certified EOS Implementers® are driven to help entrepreneurial organizations become the best they can be. They’re tirelessly dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow and develop, and they work each and every day to have a positive impact on their clients—which is one of the reasons we love them so much.

 Here at Traction® Tools, we love seeing organizations break through the ceiling to achieve new levels of Traction, and we love seeing them get up and running with the Entrepreneurial Operating System® in record time—making Implementers and Traction Tools a match made in heaven.

Curious about how our relationship with Implementers works? Here’s how we can help you and your clients get on the same page, Implement EOS even faster and gain Traction like never before.

Onboard EOS clients faster

Traction Tools’ EOS software minimizes set-up time by keeping onboarding efficient and effective. After Focus Day™, the leadership team submits their tools to the Client Success Team at Traction Tools. They get a walkthrough of the Level 10 Meeting™ in the software, and they run their first Level 10 Meeting (yay!). Then, the Client Success Team follows up to see how it went and answer any questions about using the software. We give them one more training on the software, and presto—they’re ready to start streamlining EOS with Traction Tools!

Many Implementers tell us that by the time their clients get to Vision Building 1, they’ve already had their Level 10 Meetings humming along for weeks, allowing them to focus on refining core skills. 

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As a result, Implementers are reporting that companies are getting healthy quicker, because they’re mastering the Level 10 Meeting Agenda so swiftly. Imagine the Traction Tools software as being like a  bumpers on a bowling alley, helping keep EOS clients where they need to be even when you’re not around. “Our clients who use Traction Tools expedite their adoption and perfecting of the Level 10 Meeting,” said Francesca Lever, Integrator™ at EOS Australia. EOS Implementer John McMahon agrees: “Traction Tools helps companies accelerate their learning in a way that avoids all the distractions that don’t add value—gathering paper, managing multiple spreadsheets and documents.”

Make the most of time with clients

The quicker your clients master the basics, the sooner you can focus on developing a rapport, solving Issues and gaining Traction. With the software already up-and-running, your clients have even more time to benefit from your expertise you help them to use the EOS Toolbox™ in the context of their business.

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Get started with Traction Tools

Get ready for better results, faster from parters who truly care. We’re here to help you make a difference in clients’ lives — and we couldn’t be more excited for the journey. 

Discover for yourself how Traction Tools can help your Implementer business. Get an on-demand demo now!

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