Redesigning Traction Tools is a labor of love


Hi, I’m Sheila Dodd I’m the product leader at Traction® Tools.

I go to work every day with a single vision: to help you live a life you’re energized by and passionate about. Your ability to be ridiculously productive with Traction Tools so that you can jet off to the book club, grandkids, cricket, date night or whatever else sets your heart on fire is a huge motivation for our team.

As of today, we’re thrilled to announce we’ve taken a giant step toward helping you achieve your best productive life. Traction Tools has gotten a facelift—specifically designed to make your life easier, your experience better and (we’ll admit it) your computer screen prettier.

What’s the story?

Optimization with the ability to pivot quickly has always been at the core of Traction Tools’ mission. Clay Upton, one of our founders and the original architect of Traction Tools, excels in making something from nothing. He coded the original version of Traction Tool in six days.

Fast forward to Q2 2021. Imagine, if you will, the Traction Tools Leadership Team just concluded our Q2 Quarterly Planning session. I’m one week into my role as product leader when we took on an audacious Rock: to begin redesigning our user interface and user experience (UI/UX).

Why the update?

I say this with a lot of humility and vulnerability—it’s time Traction Tools got a facelift. We’ve heard feedback from you, clients and EOS Implementers alike, that we looked outdated and our UX was a bit clunky. So, we set out to not only improve your experience but to elevate Traction Tools into the beautiful productivity powerhouse we knew it could be.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give our UI/UX designers a huge kudos. They put together some fantastic wireframes to line up with Traction Tools’ brand and vision, and our Engineering Team quickly brought those designs to life. Over a series of extraordinary meetings, beautiful designs and countless cups of coffee, we’re thrilled to say, “We did it!”

What’s been updated?

We still have a few areas of the software to complete, but the main traffic areas have been updated, including:

Modals—including Issue, To-Do and Rock creation

Now, when you add a To-Do, Issue, People Headline or Rock, the corresponding modal will pop up with a fresh new look.

Streamline Rock creation with user-friendly milestone updates. Add Issues to your next Level 10 Meeting™ in a snap with intuitive fields. Create, manage and update shared To-Dos by assigning multiple owners. Or, just sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful new view.


When you log into your account, you’ll land on a redesigned workspace. All of your workspaces (both primary and workspace) have been revamped and refreshed with redesigned modals, updated typography and a modernized design.

Navigation bar

On the left-hand side and upper portion of your workspace, and you’ll find an updated navigation bar ripe for clicking. From here, you’ll be able to navigate Traction Tools with at-a-glance elements—from adding new tiles to viewing your V/TO™, upcoming meetings and more. Plus, you can now toggle between light and dark mode—whichever one suits your fancy!

Meeting management

When you click “Meetings” on your new top nav, you’ll be brought to your Meetings page. Here, you’ll find a made-over list of all your meetings. Take a breath, enjoy the white space and, when you’re ready, click “Go to Meeting” to start cookin’.

What’s coming next?

We will continue working to update the remaining portions of the software over the next several months, and we couldn’t be more excited. More specifically, our next project is to redesign and refresh the Run Meetings section.

We’d love to hear what you think! Feel free to send us your feedback via email, this short survey, smoke signals or carrier pigeons… or all of the above!


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