Run Efficient Level 10 Meetings™ from Day One!


Traction® Tools software for EOS® helps you manage the EOS Toolbox™ from day one without needing to figure it out on your own. As the original officially-licensed provider of EOS software, our application is designed to help you run Level 10 Meetings™ smoothly and efficiently. Traction Tools can help you navigate the Level 10 Agenda and focus on the meeting itself—rather than worrying about correctly managing the flow of the meeting.

If you’re just starting out with EOS (or even if you’re not!), here are five ways that Traction Tools can help you effectively run your next Level 10 Meeting with easy-to-use software features.

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1. Built-in meeting agendas

Anytime you’re learning a new system, it’s helpful to have a cheat sheet you can refer to. Traction Tools uses a built-in Level 10 Agenda to guide you smoothly through your Level 10 Meetings. That’s not all; you can also maximize your meeting time with Same-Page Meeting™ agendas, too! 

The software also makes running remote meetings a piece of cake with the “follow the leader” feature, which automatically advances them through the agenda along with you, so everyone stays on the same page throughout the Level 10 Meeting.

2. Automated timekeeping

Finding it easy to lose track of time or go down rabbit trails? You’re not alone. That’s why we’ve designed the Level 10 Meeting Agenda in Traction Tools to help you manage your time and keep the meeting moving along at the right pace.

The timer gives you the current time of day, the time allotted for each agenda item, and the time you have left for the current item. If you take too long on an item, the timer turns red and continues counting in negative numbers. Seeing that red number counting upward is an awfully effective motivator to wrap things up and move on to the next item!

Kirstine Storey, Head of Operations at Equinet Media Ltd., agrees. “Traction Tools has transformed the way that we manage our Leadership Team Level 10 meetings,” she said. “The in-meeting timer keeps us succinct and on schedule as we move through each element of the agenda.”

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3. Shared data

Traction Tools makes it easy to prepare for leadership Team Level 10 Meetings by consolidating data for you. EOS Scorecard™ items can be shared across Level 10 meetings, making shared data quick and easy. Also, as departments manage their Scorecard lines, any line with Issues can be selected and automatically populated in the Leadership Team Level 10, including the relevant data.

Issues can also easily be moved from one meeting to another. For example, if an Issue comes up at a departmental level that needs leadership input, it can be moved (along with notes) to the Leadership Team Level 10 with a single click.

Rocks are also shareable between meetings. Enter the data once, and keep track of Rock progress in both the relevant departmental Level 10, as well as the Leadership Team Level 10. Our clients appreciate all of these features for automatically populating Scorecards, Issues, and Rocks within the Traction Tools Level 10 Agenda. “Thanks for your help! You save me at least an hour a week getting scorecards and agendas ready for the Level 10,” Doug Andersen, COO & Integrator at Magnet 360, said.

Peter Handy, CEO of Bristol Seafood, agrees: “Traction Tools has allowed me to focus on all of the important parts of EOS, while leaving the brass tacks of administration to its well-designed system.”

4. Easy IDSing

Traction Tools’ Context-Aware™ Issues makes it easy to create, update and close issues in real time. You can even text issues to the Level 10 Agenda at any time, from anywhere. Your issues are automatically added to the Issues List for the next meeting.

Using the software, it’s easy to efficiently start IDSing more issues. At the end of each meeting, you’ll receive a report listing how many issues you solved. That said, the EOS process stresses quality over quantity, and there’s nothing wrong with IDSing only one critical issue, if that’s what you need to do. But in our case, this awareness helped renew our focus during IDSing and to be on the lookout for tangents. Not surprisingly, this awareness has helped us solve issues more efficiently and accomplish more during our 90 minutes together as a leadership team each week.

5. Handy To-Dos

Need to take a To-Do during a meeting? No problem! You can create a Context-Aware™ To-Do with the click of a button. The owner of the To-Do is automatically notified of it in multiple ways: as part of the meeting summary, in a daily email that captures To-Dos across your Level 10 meetings in one easily scannable summary, and as part of the Traction Tools Workspace.

These type of automations provide peace of mind that every To-Do has been captured, even while your team is getting used to the way To-Dos work. And the automated reminders support your team while you’re learning how to keep your team members accountable.

BONUS: V/TO™ and Accountability Chart™ always within reach

Need to refer to your V/TO or Accountability Chart during a Level 10? They’re always just a click away! Traction Tools provides handy links to your V/TO and Accountability Chart from within the Level 10 Agenda. In particular, the integration between the Issues list in your Leadership Team Level 10 and the V/TO is a time-saver. If an Issue raised during a meeting turns out to be something better solved as part of a Quarterly or Annual session, simply move it to the V/TO with one click.

Do more with Traction Tools!

If you’re still getting to know EOS, Traction Tools can support your mastery of EOS tools from Day One. It’s a great option for teams that are still learning how to run the Level 10 Meeting. As Nicole Mennicke of Rocket Clicks said, “Traction Tools allows us to spend all our time teaching the core concepts instead of troubleshooting the administrative piece of EOS. It also helps keep us focused and pure to the process with its easy-to-use interface. The results have been more efficient Level 10s, massive time savings, and peace of mind having our most important part of our company at the click of a button.”

Discover the results your company can achieve with Traction Tools—schedule a demo today!

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