4 Types of Business Goals to Set This Year 0

Nothing screams “end of year wrap-up” like reflecting on everything you’ve achieved with your business. It’s an exciting time to celebrate with everyone you’ve worked so hard with. The part about measuring all your wins over the past year is the fact that your progress doesn’t end when the clock strikes 12. Use the momentum you’ve gained throughout the year to inspire the next goals to achieve heading into the new year.

4 tips for a productive routine minus the monotony 0

Some people thrive in routine. They love waking up knowing exactly what mountains need to be climbed, and they are up for the challenge. Other people find joy in spontaneity and prefer to tackle things as they come. Both of these approaches are totally valid ways to plan your day—and it all comes down to knowing when to plan, and knowing when not to plan.

The definitive guide to defining your company’s values 0

Choosing your company values isn’t always straightforward. In fact, it can be downright hard to summarize your guiding principles in a few brief statements. If you're struggling to pin down your organization's values, we've got your back.

Filling the gap: 6 steps to identify & define new positions 0

Changing your team structure is always risky—and so is hiring someone new. But with a little strategic thinking, ingenuity and a healthy dose of honesty, we’ll help you scale your company the right way. Come along as we explore six key steps to identify, define and hire for the right positions.

Creative ways to make meetings more engaging 0

There’s nothing wrong with adding some pizzazz to the agenda. From theme tunes to sweet treats, here are a few ways to get creative in your next meeting.

What does success look like heading into 2022? 0

The professional landscape is evolving—and as a result, the way businesses measure success is evolving, too. In addition to trusty success metrics like sales, revenue and profit, we’ve collected a few fresh success markers to keep in mind on your entrepreneurial journey.