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Introducing Traction® Tools for Kids! 0

For the past eight years, thousands of entrepreneurs have used Traction Tools to reap the benefits of boosted productivity and heightened transparency. And now, your kids can get in on the action with Traction Tools for Kids! Check out our teaser video to learn more (hint: make sure you watch until the end...and happy April Fools' Day!).

How to choose the best employees for your business 0

Everyone knows that looking for a job can be extremely difficult, but few people acknowledge that hiring someone can be just as hard. Great organizations understand that employees are not just a dime a dozen. Choosing the right candidate takes time, deliberation, and a whole lot of trust.

Imposter Syndrome: What it is & how to stop it 0

So you’re at work. Someone asks you to do something you’ve done a million times before. Suddenly, for some reason, you can’t help but feel like you’re not doing it right. What gives? Imposter syndrome, most likely.

What does success look like heading into 2022? 0

The professional landscape is evolving—and as a result, the way businesses measure success is evolving, too. In addition to trusty success metrics like sales, revenue and profit, we’ve collected a few fresh success markers to keep in mind on your entrepreneurial journey.

Entrepreneurial mindset: transformation through Traction® with Ramiro Saborio Robelo 0

In our third and final installment, Ramiro recounts how he first discovered Traction Tools, along with his insight on using it to foster a more efficient and effective organization. And it all starts with one, life-changing bike ride.

Learn how one leadership team worked together for guaranteed success 0

One of the benefits to using the best operating system for your company is seeing the results of having the right people in the right seats. We had the opportunity to sit down with a V/I (Visionary/Integrator) Duo™ to get a first-hand account of their experience with EOS® at their company.

With palpable enthusiasm and plenty of cheeky...