Using Texting Actions with Traction® Tools 0

Gone are the days of shuffling through your notes app, planner or post-its to remember new Issues, To-Dos and People Headlines. When your next big idea pops into your head, text it to your account using Traction Tools’ Texting Actions for on-the-go agenda management. Here's how to get started!

It’s okay to change your team structure 0

As your business grows, you might realize that the same roles or departments that used to work no longer translate to your team or vision. Remember: growth = change. Sometimes, that means redefining your team structure—whether it’s creating new roles, shifting team focus or reallocating your resources.

#SorryNotSorry: How to unapologetically own your day 0

Before we start, let’s put something out there: taking care of yourself is not selfish. That’s why we are huge proponents of unapologetically doing what’s best for you!

6 things every new entrepreneur should know 0

The biggest secret to running a successful business: there’s no secret at all. With that being said, everyone needs a place to start. So read on for some entrepreneurial inspo to get the ball rolling!

Simplifying the Process Component™ with Whale 0

At Traction®, Tools, we take the Process Component™ of EOS® very seriously. We have an internal process for just about everything related to our day-to-day operations, and we’re constantly optimizing those processes.

We sat down with Gary Vanbutsele, CEO, and Bram Billiet, CPO of the SaaS company Whaleto learn about how they’re taking...

Scorecards vs. Dashboards 0

This article originally appeared on the EOS Worldwide blog on December 16, 2019, and written by Ed Callahan. The Scorecard is one of the foundational tools we teach our EOS® clients. When I explain that it is a tool to enable management by exception, many of my clients respond that they do that already with a dashboard.