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Filling the gap: 6 steps to identify & define new positions 0

Changing your team structure is always risky—and so is hiring someone new. But with a little strategic thinking, ingenuity and a healthy dose of honesty, we’ll help you scale your company the right way. Come along as we explore six key steps to identify, define and hire for the right positions.

Creative ways to make meetings more engaging 0

There’s nothing wrong with adding some pizzazz to the agenda. From theme tunes to sweet treats, here are a few ways to get creative in your next meeting.

4 ways to shake up your meetings 0

Meetings getting monotonous? Look on the bright side: it’s great that you’ve fallen into a groove with your team! That said, it doesn’t hurt to shake things up every now and then. Here are a few of our favorite tips for keeping team meetings fresh and fun.

5 Tips on how to be proactive instead of reactive 0

If there’s one thing everyone could probably do without, it’s a high-stress environment at work. Looming deadlines, impromptu meetings, unanswered emails– sometimes it feels like there are endless amounts of problems that need to be solved.

One way to get ahead of that seemingly never-ending task list is to learn how to approach it...

How to get your teammates on the same page 0

One of the best things you can do to boost the success of your organization is to make sure everyone is on the same page. Nothing stumps productivity more than everyone working toward different goals. 

The good news? There are ways you can structure your processes to make sure meetings run smoothly and things get done! 

1. Streamline...

The best-kept secret to self-implementing EOS® 0

Self-implementing EOS® can be tricky. But if you’re self-implementing, we’ve got good news for you! EOS Worldwide’s EOS Base Camp™ gives you access to all of the same tools Certified or Professional EOS Implementers® use, helping you stay organized, informed and EOS pure on your journey. 

Read on to discover all the hidden treasures of...