Filling the gap: 6 steps to identify & define new positions 0

Changing your team structure is always risky—and so is hiring someone new. But with a little strategic thinking, ingenuity and a healthy dose of honesty, we’ll help you scale your company the right way. Come along as we explore six key steps to identify, define and hire for the right positions.

Creative ways to make meetings more engaging 0

There’s nothing wrong with adding some pizzazz to the agenda. From theme tunes to sweet treats, here are a few ways to get creative in your next meeting.

4 ways to shake up your meetings 0

Meetings getting monotonous? Look on the bright side: it’s great that you’ve fallen into a groove with your team! That said, it doesn’t hurt to shake things up every now and then. Here are a few of our favorite tips for keeping team meetings fresh and fun.

How to keep meetings on-schedule: 5 time-saving tips 0

We’ve all been there: meetings that last way longer than they need to with no concrete solutions to show for it. These meetings waste valuable time, and that’s where the problem starts; productive meetings are the result of great time management. But how do we eliminate these time-consuming obstacles? How do we keep meetings moving without feeling rushed?

How to Run an Effective Meeting 0

Why do so many people HATE business meetings? In talking to thousands of entrepreneurial leaders over the last 20 years, I’ve heard words and phrases like “endless, pointless, exhausting, inefficient, unproductive, etc.” In short, most meetings are a frustrating waste of valuable time.

Hot Tips to Draw Out More Creative Participation in Meetings 0

Solving Issues requires sticking your neck out there, once in a while. To do that, you’ve got to trust that the guy next to you isn’t hiding an axe!