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Here’s What Certified EOS Implementers® Are Saying About Traction® Tools 0

If you’ve heard that Traction Tools software helps your EOS® clients run Level 10 Meetings™, you’ve heard wrong. Traction Tools is more than a meeting agenda—it’s a powerful platform that helps leadership teams get to the next level as they run on the Entrepreneurial Operating System®.

Case Study: Traction® Tools Helps Take HomePro Out of Crisis Mode 0

The biggest benefit that Traction Tools brings: “Clarity. We have absolute clarity on who’s accountable for what.”

Maggie Marques Is on a Mission to Boost Your Business Results 0

Maggie is one of the special talents that make Traction® Tools stand out among software tools. It’s her personal mission to ensure clients get the most out of their experience with Traction Tools—and boost their business results. Here’s how she helps make Traction Tools one of your company’s most valuable assets.

How One EOS Company Got Twice the Results in Half the Time 0

Texas Security Bank (TSB) was no stranger to the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, but they weren’t satisfied with the way they were managing their EOS® Tools. Their documents didn’t allow sharing or multiple editors, which meant people were often stepping on each other’s toes as they tried to work in the tools. Everything had to be […]

Guatemalan Business Owner Is Taking EOS® to Latin America 0

As far as Christian Bruns knows, his was the first business in Latin America to use a Professional or Certified EOS Implementer™. A year later, he also became the first Professional EOS Implementer living in Latin America. Within that time, Christian had gone from frustrated entrepreneur to passionate evangelist for the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. His […]

3 Reasons Traction® Tools makes a difference 0

We just finished our quarterly planning, and one of our People Headlines made some waves: Since November 2016, Traction® Tools has experienced exponential growth. It was surprising to see the numbers, but maybe it shouldn’t have been. We work hard, play hard, and we live and breathe the Entrepreneurial Operating System®.

We’re not...