Using Texting Actions with Traction® Tools 0

Gone are the days of shuffling through your notes app, planner or post-its to remember new Issues, To-Dos and People Headlines. When your next big idea pops into your head, text it to your account using Traction Tools’ Texting Actions for on-the-go agenda management. Here's how to get started!

It’s okay to change your team structure 0

As your business grows, you might realize that the same roles or departments that used to work no longer translate to your team or vision. Remember: growth = change. Sometimes, that means redefining your team structure—whether it’s creating new roles, shifting team focus or reallocating your resources.

#SorryNotSorry: How to unapologetically own your day 0

Before we start, let’s put something out there: taking care of yourself is not selfish. That’s why we are huge proponents of unapologetically doing what’s best for you!

6 things every new entrepreneur should know 0

The biggest secret to running a successful business: there’s no secret at all. With that being said, everyone needs a place to start. So read on for some entrepreneurial inspo to get the ball rolling!

6 Necessary steps for effective prioritizing 0

There’s no shortage of things to do when you’re working toward your goals. Before you know it, one task can turn into an entire week’s worth of to-dos. One of our recent posts outlined our top tips for decluttering your schedule. Now, we’re going to push the envelope by breaking down one of the most crucial steps: how to identify and...

The best-kept secret to self-implementing EOS® 0

Self-implementing EOS® can be tricky. But if you’re self-implementing, we’ve got good news for you! EOS Worldwide’s EOS Base Camp™ gives you access to all of the same tools Certified or Professional EOS Implementers® use, helping you stay organized, informed and EOS pure on your journey. 

Read on to discover all the hidden treasures of...