Learn how one leadership team worked together for guaranteed success 0

One of the benefits to using the best operating system for your company is seeing the results of having the right people in the right seats. We had the opportunity to sit down with a V/I (Visionary/Integrator) Duo™ to get a first-hand account of their experience with EOS® at their company.

With palpable enthusiasm and plenty of cheeky...

Visionary vs. Integrator: Stop sparring and get on the same page 0

The Visionary/Integrator relationship isn’t always a smooth one. As Rocket Fuel coauthor Mark C. Winters describes it, sparks can fly in the middle of your Level 10 Meetings™.

Get a Grip Shows a Gritty, Real-Life Picture How to Implement EOS 0

Mike Paton has spent a lifetime learning from entrepreneurs. Known in the EOS® Community as Paton, he works hard to give back—as a speaker, author, Certified EOS Implementer™, and as the Visionary for EOS Worldwide. During his journey, Paton teamed up with the creator of EOS (the Entrepreneurial Operating System®), Gino Wickman. Together, they co-authored […]

“The Outsiders” Reveals the One Differentiator of Great CEOs 0

What’s the measure of an outstanding business leader? Is it their managerial abilities? Their company’s share price? Their charisma, or even name recognition? In short, how do you know when you’re looking at a great CEO? William Thorndike says it’s none of the above. In his book The Outsiders, he explores eight exemplary CEOs and […]

Love Get a Grip? Looking for software get started? 0

Picture this: You’ve just read Get a Grip by Mike Paton and Gino Wickman, and you’re shocked by how similar your company is to Swan Services. It’s time to stop spinning your wheels and start gaining Traction®! Maybe you’re an Integrator™ looking for tools to get organized.  Maybe you’re the Visionary™feeling bogged-down by the day-to-day....