TechMD Credits Traction Tools with Company Turnaround


At the end of 2016, TechMD was at a pivotal moment and faced some significant challenges that could have impacted the company for years. They just finished an acquisition, bought a new building and were undergoing major construction on the facility. As a result, cash flow wasn’t flowing as much. They were more constrained as a company, and they needed to find a way to start gaining traction again.

The Confident ROI Podcast recently interviewed TechMD’s CEO, Sebastian Igreti to find out how they broke through and reached their stretch goals within just 12 months. Igreti revealed two secrets that made all the difference: the Entrepreneurial Operating SystemⓇ (EOSⓇ) and Traction Tools!

Meet TechMD

TechMD is a leading IT solutions firm that helps businesses get the most out of technology to take their business forward. TechMD is a 50-employee company that’s been around for about 15 years.

About ten years ago, they decided to hire for culture fit over technical skill. “We wanted to really deliver a great sort of an experience to our clients’ customer service experience and will look for people that enjoyed working with others and that helped us deliver a great experience for our clients,” Igreti said on the podcast. “But what it also did, which maybe had an even bigger impact, is…developing a culture of people that love working together and, just, collaborating together to work towards a goal. So, we’ve got an awesome culture of folks that enjoy…pushing the company forward and constantly innovating to figure out better ways to support our clients.”

TechMD Hits the Ceiling

In 2016, after the acquisition, TechMD realized the company was starting to drag. “We weren’t operating very efficiently as an executive team,” Igreti said. Sales were slowing and budgets were becoming constrained. Instead of moving forward, as they had expected, the company was losing traction.

“We weren’t making the right decisions on a timely basis,” Igreti said. “So we looked to find some sort of an operating system to be able to run the business more efficiently. We were actually using a system by Franklin Covey called the Four Disciplines of Execution…but it just wasn’t as real-time as we needed to be.”

New Growth with EOS and Traction Tools

After reading Gino Wickman’s book Traction, Igreti brought EOS to his executive team. “We implemented the EOS at TechMD and honestly it was the most powerful thing that we’ve ever done,” he said. “It allowed us to really focus on the issues that were most critical.”

Igreti also said that Traction Tools was instrumental in running EOS at TechMD, and in rolling out EOS to the rest of the company. “The one thing that helped us supercharge what EOS can do is [Traction Tools],” he said. “That was really important because it provided the right visuals and it just made it easy for us to track Issues. I think that software…was key because it…really helps paint a picture of how EOS works.”

Once other departments at TechMD saw how EOS and Traction Tools were impacting the executive team, they were chomping at the bit to implement EOS with Traction Tools, themselves. This may have been one of the smoothest rollouts you could hope for!

As a result of the company’s move to EOS and Traction Tools, TechMD says they were able to achieve their stretch goals in the first quarter of 2018—just 12 months after hitting their lowest point. This is a remarkable client success story, but it’s not the only one. Traction Tools clients are reaching new levels of success all the time.

Find out more about TechMD’s experience with EOS—listen to the podcast, or read the full article at ConfidentROI Magazine.

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