The best-kept secret to self-implementing EOS®


Self-implementing EOS® can be tricky. But if you’re self-implementing, we’ve got good news for you! EOS Worldwide’s EOS Base Camp™ gives you access to all of the same tools Certified or Professional EOS Implementers® use, helping you stay organized, informed and EOS pure on your journey. 

Read on to discover all the hidden treasures of Base Camp!

What is EOS base camp?

Base Camp is an online training resource that equips you to expertly self-implement EOS. It builds on the skills learned in Traction and Get a Grip to give you everything you need to successfully use the EOS Process™ at your company. In Base Camp, you’ll find:

  • Downloadable templates and tools
  • Training videos and printable guides to orient you to every aspect of EOS
  • Worksheets for every tool and implementation session
  • Access to purchase Leadership Team manuals with everything your team needs to implement EOS

The portal contains every available EOS training tool and resource, allowing you to streamline EOS self-implementation.

Let’s take a few moments to look at some of the best gems in Base Camp.

Session videos

Base Camp has more training videos than you can shake a stick at. There’s a video for every session and meeting—90-Minute Meeting™, Quarterly and Annual sessions, and Level 10 Meetings™—and that’s just to start.

For example, before you facilitate an offsite session day meeting, you can go onto Base Camp and watch the video of Gino Wickman or EOS Worldwide Visionary Mike Paton demonstrating what the session looks like. You’ll know exactly how to run the meeting—how to IDS your Issues, what questions to ask, how to structure the day—you name it.

Printable guides for tools and meetings

For every meeting or tool in EOS, there’s a printable guide to help you use it. For new self-implementers, it can be tricky to know what all of the tools are, and to find all of the corresponding support documents.

To do this in Base Camp, go to the associated meeting or process and drill down to find it. For example, go to EOS A-Z > EOS Toolbox > Toolbox Tools. Select a tool, and the instruction guides (and other documentation) are at bottom of the page.

To streamline these tools, incorporate Traction Tools® EOS software into your day-to-day. With collaborative workspaces, built-in meeting agendas and EOS-pure terminology, it’s never been easier to keep the EOS train rolling! 

Member support

The Member Support area is packed with all kinds of great resources for self implementers. You’ll find specific handouts for every EOS tool, process manuals and FAQs. And be sure to check out the EOS store, where you can purchase the book Traction for your team at a discount.

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Join Base Camp today!

Once you’re in Base Camp, you get all of these resources at your disposal for less than $500 per month. If you’re striving to implement EOS more purely and successfully, Base Camp is the all-in-one resource to help you do it!

Ready to take your EOS one step further? Start your 30-day trial of Traction Tools, the original officially-licensed software for EOS.

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