Using Texting Actions with Traction® Tools


Gone are the days where you needed to shuffle through your notes app, planner or post-its to remember what you wanted to add to your meeting agenda. When your next big idea pops into your head, simply text it to your account using Bloom Growth’ Texting Actions.

Getting started

There are two different ways you can set up Texting Actions: from the “Manage” section and from “Edit My Profile” in Bloom Growth.

Set up Texting Actions from the “Manage” section

  1. Open the Menu dropdown and click “Meetings”
  2. Click the gear icon next to the meeting you want to initiate Texting Actions for
  3. Click “Texting Actions” on the left
  4. Choose a phone number from the dropdown list
  5. Select the type of event you want to be able to text
  6. Click Save

You will get a unique code to send to the phone number you chose. Then, once you click save, you will get a confirmation response indicating you’re ready to go!

Set up Texting Actions from “Edit my profile”

  1. Click the drop-down by your name/icon
  2. Click “Edit My Profile”
  3. Click “Manage Other Texting Actions” on the bottom right
  4. Click Create a new phone action using the button at the top right
  5. Choose the meeting, text number and action from the drop-down menus

Same as before: send the unique code to the listed number and hit save. (Don’t forget to save the number you chose for easy texting going forward!)

How to use texting actions

Once your Texting Actions are all set up, you’re free to use text for any of the following Bloom Growth features:

Meetings aren’t the only thing you can prep for with Texting Actions. The Individual Text-a-To-Do™ lets you send a personal reminder to yourself that something needs to get done, so you’ll never miss a beat.

Set up Text-a-To-Do™

  1. Click the drop-down menu near your name/icon
  2. Click “Edit My Profile”
  3. Click “Setup Individual Text-a-ToDo™”
  4. Choose a phone number from the list
  5. Click “Save”

From there, you’ll send a unique code to the phone number listed. This will prompt a confirmation response to your phone. If you don’t get a confirmation shortly after sending the code, double-check the phone number you listed in the setup process.

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