What a virtual assistant does with Traction® Tools


“I’m Daniel Ramsey, founder, and CEO of MyOutDesk. And that photo is of my wife and daughter. While taking that photo, an L10 for my marketing team was happening in Traction Tools. Normally I’d want to be there, but family first right? Thankfully, I have a virtual assistant (VA) who works with the integrator to maintain spreadsheets and metrics up to date in my Traction Tools account and makes sure I didn’t miss out on anything. I can pull it up and watch that day’s recording, see the team review, and the energy rating, and know who’s working on what at that very moment. This could be your story, too”

Running a large organization can feel overwhelming, but leveraging Traction Tools and a VA to work with your integrator will ensure you get the most out of your journey with Traction Tools. You may even find yourself at the beach during the next L10.

Tools that give your business momentum

A good leader cannot have eyes on every facet of their business at all times, nor should they try to. However, a great leader is organized and knows how to leverage an assistant to maintain that organization. They understand that an effective delegation is an art form, and when combined with a data-driven thoughtful process, they and their business are unstoppable. It’s not enough to have the right tools, you must make sure they’re in the right hands too. This article answers the question; how would a VA add value to a company running on Traction Tools?

What is Traction Tools?

Traction Tools is a web-based business management software that helps you align every part of your organization. In short, it’s a scalable project management solution for entrepreneurial operating systems. While this software is designed for entrepreneurs, it’s not limited to them. Businesses of all shapes and sizes, including us at MyOutDesk, use it every day to great success. We’re a very systematic and process-based organization, so we value the myriad of tools that Traction Tools provides. An effective operating system is the foundation of the building your departments live in. And anything built to last starts with a solid foundation.

Less micromanage, more macromanage

As the CEO you’re not going to be present for every meeting. This means you won’t always be aware of every department or individual’s rocks, milestones, issues, and vibes. Traction Tools gives leaders the means to better structure their department meetings, and track all of those above-mentioned items for easy documentation and review. Having that level of detailed visibility into every meeting is invaluable to any CEO trying to keep their finger on the pulse of their organization. Leaders don’t want to come off like they’re micromanaging their professionals, but your business is your baby. So you may not feel comfortable leaving everyone to their own devices, under a macro-management approach. The sweet spot is somewhere in the middle.

Your business in 4K

The key to getting the most out of a platform like Traction Tools is by having the CEO and the integrator running Traction Tools with a VA as a coordinator. A VA, acting as a coordinator in Traction Tools, can help you keep a birds-eye view of everything happening in all of your departments. The broad visibility you gain over your organization, by leveraging a VA with the tools Traction Tools provides, is like having a 4K image of your business. You can zoom out and see the broad strokes at a glance, in all their colorful glory. But you can also zoom in really close to examine every intricate detail, pixel by pixel. We’re gonna walk you through what that looks like below.

Make meetings great again

Stop letting department meetings be seen as a “waste of time” and start making them a source of invaluable data. Meetings aren’t just for touching base and brainstorming; that’s all surface level. As CEO you want to dig deeper into the mentality and performance of everyone on the team, including the person running them. Traction Tools allows individuals to rate the meeting, as well as coordinators to rate the overall energy. A VA organizes this data on a spreadsheet, among other metrics like attendance and goal completion, so you always have access to a detailed, chronological report of not just what’s getting done (or not done), but how it’s getting done and by who.

Are the right people working on the right things?

Is your coordinator connecting with their team or is morale declining?

Discrepancies between ratings can point to underlying issues and having data on this kind of minutia helps you address problems before they’re problems. It’s also invaluable when someone comes to you seeking feedback. A sales rep may come to you to ask how they’re doing. You can pull up your Traction Tools spreadsheet and point directly at them; their meeting attendance, energy level, milestones, performance metrics, etc. Everything you need at a glance. Point to exactly what they need to focus on and set them back on track, or draw correlations between their performance and that of their manager, or maybe just assure them they’re doing great and to keep it up.

Transparency leads to transformation

When you have the means to maintain healthy transparency and productive accountability, you root out the inefficiencies. They say “no just cause was ever threatened by transparency,” so the same should ring true for your business. Because it’s not just about holding individual contributors accountable, but also the leaders you’ve assigned to lead them. A big mistake many business owners make is hiring managers and then not managing them. You need to audit your departments and the people running them more often. Having a VA documenting literally everything that happens in Traction Tools allows you to do that whenever necessary.

For example; your sales team typically has an average meeting rating of 9.3. But in the last quarter that average has dropped to 7. What changed three months ago? Maybe you hired a new manager who isn’t connecting with them and needs coaching. Maybe new goals are simply unrealistic and need readjusting. Or perhaps someone on the team is bringing down the vibe and needs a check-in. Pull up the recording of every meeting they’ve had on that spreadsheet your VA maintains for you. See with your own eyes how that manager responds to feedback and ideas, who shows up late and leaves early, who never participates, etc.


What gets measured gets done

It should now be clear how much value a VA can add to your processes when coupled with Traction Tools, and your trusted integrator. We encourage the leveraging of VAs to minimize your busy work, so you can free up time for anything else. Traction Tools is software with the same goal in mind. Combine the two and you’ve got the blueprint for an efficient organization that can tackle anything. If you want to be the leader of a powerful organization like that, use the link below to request a consultation with one of the MyOutDesk experts. Even after all of this insight, we’re sure you have questions. Now you’re just one phone call away from getting the answers and changing your business for the better.


Want to know more about virtual assistants and how they work?

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