3 Salesforce Dialer Success Stories: DoubleDutch, California Casualty & Greenway Health


Salesforce Dialer

Sales teams of all sizes use Salesforce dialers to make their reps more efficient and productive.

Today, we’ll look at three companies that have achieved remarkable success by combining smart sales prospecting with the power of the Salesforce CRM. 





Around this time last year, Russ Hearl, vice president of worldwide sales development at DoubleDutch, sat down with Kurt Smith, Salesforce’s director of strategic content. They discussed how DoubleDutch was using XANT’s PowerDialer to make every call count and reach its sales goals.

DoubleDutch offers a private social networking application for conferences and events. It operates within a $256 billion industry and works with nonprofits like Make-A-Wish Foundation and multinational companies like IBM and PwC.

DoubleDutch knew it had a bright future. As a relatively new startup, it had already landed some high-profile clients.

DoubleDutch relies heavily on sales calling and prospecting to acquire new business. That meant choosing sales software that would increase contacts, deals and revenue.

The company needed an outbound telephony solution that was streamlined and effective right out of the gate.

DoubleDutch was already a Salesforce customer. That meant it needed an application that would integrate effortlessly into the CRM and provide robust features, like Salesforce call tracking and recording.

DoubleDutch implemented the XANT PowerDialer as the first piece in an optimized outbound sales solution. It helped turn its outbound sales team into an unstoppable machine.

Russ was especially impressed with LocalPresence, a feature within PowerDialer. LocalPrescence uses phone numbers local to virtually every U.S. metropolitan area.

This is a powerful tool because people are more likely to answer their phones when they see a local number.

Improving contact rates allowed DoubleDutch’s sales development team to do what they do best — set appointments. This led to a greater number of demos booked, which ultimately meant more opportunities and, of course, more closed deals.

With the help of XANT, DoubleDutch experienced 4x pipeline growth, Russ reported. It also saw a 37% increase in answer rates and a staggering 300% lift in annual revenue in just 18 months.

Also, because PowerDialer is a Salesforce dialer, Russ was able to easily extract reports on how his reps were performing.

PowerDialer allowed leadership to better manage and mentor their teams. The built-in call recording and monitoring enabled managers to listen to and record live or past phone calls for training, quality assurance and compliance purposes.

Using this information, managers could learn which sales methods and practices were most effective with prospects, and then mentor other team members on how to replicate them. This allowed DoubleDutch to further refine their pitches and help reps improve their sales performance.

Watch the DoubleDutch success story now.

Russ Hearl // DoubleDutch from XANT on Vimeo.

California Casualty




Founded in 1914, California Casualty is an insurance provider that focuses on those who serve — firefighters, peace officers, educators and nurses. It caters to customers in 44 states from more than 100 professional organizations.

Anyone who knows the insurance industry knows that it’s incredibly competitive.

Sales organizations fight over prospects, playing a constant game of “first come, first serve.” Whoever is able to contact a prospect first is likely to win their business.

To put it in perspective, imagine you’re shopping for auto insurance. You visit a few websites, submit your information and request a quote. Soon after, these companies begin emailing and calling you.

Which of all these providers is most likely to get your business? If prices are fairly competitive, it’ll most likely be the company that speaks with you first.

Mike McCormick, California Casualty CMO and vice president of sales, had all of this in mind as he was looking for a Salesforce dialer. He needed a solution that would improve his team’s cold calling, but also shorten the time it took for his sales reps to respond to web-generated inquiries.

Mike decided to go with PowerDialer for a few reasons, namely the built-in LocalPresence and SeekList features.

Once again, calling from a local number increased the chances a prospect would answer his or her phone.

SeekLists facilitate lead prioritization and timing. They help sales reps understand which prospects to call and when.

SeekLists keep reps focused on the most important leads, instead of wasting valuable time calling number after number and leaving unreturned voicemails.

PowerDialer’s Immediate Response helped California Casualty’s reps speak with prospects faster.

That gave California Casualty a substantial advantage over the competition.

Reps are able to close more deals when they speak with prospects well before anyone else.

Mike sat down with XANT and explained what PowerDialer had done for California Casualty. The company was now writing 67% more quotes and had increased conversions by 22.9%. These gains led to 4,000 more talk hours per year and a 12.5% lift in sales per rep.

Watch the California Casualty success story now.

California Casualty // Testimonial from XANT on Vimeo.

Greenway Health




Greenway Health is a privately owned health care IT company.

Andrew Mills, director of demand generation for Greenway, was looking for a dialing solution that would not simply increase his team’s dial volume, but would also enable his reps to contact prospects faster.

Mills knew speed was a key ingredient of success.

Because the company was already using Salesforce, he was hoping to find a Salesforce dialer that worked with his CRM.

The XANT PowerDialer fit the bill.

PowerDialer’s Immediate Response technology automatically places new incoming leads at the top of sales reps’ lists.

This is important because a lead called within 5 minutes of requesting information is over 100x more likely to answer and 21x more likely to qualify, according to the XANT 2014 Lead Response Report.

As Mills’ team began using PowerDialer, they saw a substantial improvement in their immediacy. They were able to reduce their response times by over 400%.

“We used to take up to 72 hours to get in touch with a contact or prospect, and now we’ve cut that down to within 10 minutes,” Mills reported. “We’ve seen a significantly higher qualification and conversion rate.”

Watch the Greenway Health success story now.



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