5 Painful Truths That Are Hindering Your Sales Growth


Why does an organization that has experienced year-over-year growth suddenly stall?RossWebinar

What steps should CEOs be taking to guide their organizations through stagnation into a future of continued expansion?

Aaron Ross, author of the best-selling book “Predictable Revenue,” shared his perspective on the painful truths impeding companies from growth in an XANT webinar, “How CEOs Break Through Revenue Plateaus.”

Do you recognize any of these five painful truths?

5 Painful Truths That Stall Growth


1.     It’s not them, it’s you

Companies love to find excuses for poor performance. They may blame markets, faulty technology or even their own sales reps for not hitting quotas.

That’s the easy way out, but the blame game never solves anything. When a company suddenly hits a growth barrier, it’s time to re-evaluate systems and processes.

2.     Comfort is the enemy of growth

Too many organizations believe if they’re doing something well, they shouldn’t change.

Respect for the traditions of an organization should not blind leaders to the constant need to improve and innovate.

3.     Without drowning, you may not hit escape velocity

“You must want success as much as a drowning person wants air.” – Aaron Ross

With big growth comes big challenges. Lacking the right motivation to push you forward, you’ll simply fall back into old, comfortable habits, never finding the escape velocity to push you past your status quo.

CEOs must not only find their passion, but also find ways to motivate employees and use ambition to propel them forward.

One proven solution is to incorporate gamification into your sales process. Applications like PowerStandings use game mechanics to drive motivation and productivity.

4.     Getting more leads isn’t your main problem

At the beginning of their life cycle, companies rely on close networks and word of mouth to get up and running.

Once they tap out existing relationships, they must start looking for new markets and customers. At this point, it becomes more about the quality of leads and less about the quantity.

The XANT platform, with predictive and prescriptive capabilities, targets reps’ efforts on the prospects who are most likely to buy.

5.     ‘You build it and they’ll come’ is a fairy tale

Ralph Waldo Emerson is credited for the famous phrase, “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.” Though poetically hopeful, in practice Emerson’s wisdom falls short.

While great products can define a company, they hold little value if customers feel they don’t need them.

You must develop quality products or services that people crave.

Organizations must create constant customer success, and that almost always means continuously and strategically changing the way you do business.

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