5 Ways to Get Leads to Call Back


Looking into a new year, it’s important to set goals of where you want your business to go over the next 12+ months. That being said, for the inside sales industry specifically, one of the most important goals should be to increase lead contact and qualification.

To help with increasing sales contact ratios, we’ve laid out 5 best practices to help you leads call you back after your initial contact. Obviously, as a best practice, sales reps should be reaching out more than just once. But, creating interest in your lead to the point of them taking action is something every sales rep wants.

The 5 Ways to Get Leads to Call Back:

1. Leave a voicemail

Leaving a voicemail was often thought as something that sales reps should never do. However, internal research at XANT has proved that voicemail that conforms to best practices results in a 3 to 22 percent increase in contact ratios (email results are 10 percent of that).

Best practice in voicemail include ensuring the voicemail is between 18 and 30 seconds and that the voicemail includes all the crucial information necessary but still leaving a reason for your lead to call you back. For a complete list of voicemail best practices, be sure to read this blog article.

2. Send a follow-up email

A part of your daily lead follow-up, every contact attempt should be followed up with an additional email. In your email, refer back to your voicemail so that your lead connects both outreach attempts.

From my experience, it takes anywhere between five and seven interactions with your brand for a lead to remember your company on their own. Obviously this number can fluctuate based on types of interactions and the need of the lead. A voicemail and an email count for two of those impressions. For an additional reference on how to increase email open rates , check out this blog article.

3. Reach out via social media channels

Perhaps one of the newest methods of reaching out to leads and establishing a relationship is social nurturing. The best social channels to send a brief message for the B2B space, in my opinion,  are LinkedIn and Twitter. The message you send as your initial outreach can be a summary of your email. As a best practice, be sure to also mention both your email and your voicemail in the message. This will really make your message stand out.

As an additional perk, because this medium isn’t always as crowded as phone and email, the chances of your message being received improves dramatically. For a more detailed conversation, read this blog article discussing how to break through the clutter and reach decision makers via social media.

4. Connect your product in a way that directly solves a problem your lead faces daily

In a recent XANT eBook, “The Art of Cold Calling and the Science of Contact Ratios,” Ken Krogue and Kraig Kleeman teamed up and provided their best practices to boost contact rates. In the eBook, Kraig talks specifically about the importance of aligning your sales pitch with specific research targeted at your contact’s industry and pain points.

5. Provide some of your best content to further educate

If your lead isn’t quite ready to commit and needs to be further nurtured – enroll them in a lead nurturing campaign so they can become educated on why they would be a fool to not purchase your product. Send them your most popular blog articles, invitations to webinars that pertain to their industry and role, and eBook and white paper offers that will help them become more efficient as a professional. As your contact becomes more educated from your content offers, the chances of them returning your phone call in the future increase dramatically. For examples of some content targeted at inside sales professionals, visit the XANT resources page.

What are some of your best practices to get leads to call you back? Let us know in the comment box, below.

If you’re interested in learning more about XANT products, including our powerful dialer, visit our product page or schedule a PowerDialer demo.

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