Cold Emailing: How to Get Meetings With Anyone


Bryan KreuzbergerIf you could get a meeting with any company in the world, which company would you choose?

That’s the first question that Bryan Kreuzberger, Founder of Breakthrough Email, asked the audience during his presentation at the Inside Sales Virtual Summit. Then he provided practical tips to get that meeting with your dream client in his well-attended session: “Cold Emailing: How to Get Meetings With Anyone.”

3 Tools the Experts Use

Bryan recommends the following tools you can use to manage your cold emails:

  • Helps you remember who to follow up with and when.

  • Yesware: Tells you what happens after you hit send. Did they open your email?

  • ToutApp: Gives managers the ability to know how many emails went out and what types of emails were sent.

7 Biggest Mistakes

Sometimes eliminating mistakes is half the battle. So, here’s a list of the 7 biggest cold email mistakes:

1. You think your subject line is more important than it really is.

2. You only write to one person because you assume it is the right person. This doesn’t mean you should write to 100 people at the organization. Bryan says 4 is the magic number.

3. You write long sentences that are hard to read.

4. Your email is all about you, not for them.

5. You don’t spell out the benefits for the prospect.

6. You copy, paste and blast out bad emails.

7. You burn a good contact.

Cold Email Template

Bryan shared a cold email template that has been effective for him.

Cold Email Template: Version 1

Cold Email Template: Version 2

When you pick the people you’re going to email, you want to include three levels of hierarchy. That’s why this template references “your manager, his manager and the CEO.” People don’t want to look bad by dropping the ball on an important message. So, this technique increases response rates.

Bryan says the word “talk” works better than “meet” or “have a call.” He also prefers “calendar” over “schedule.”

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