– The First Five Phases of Starting a High Velocity Business


Five Phases to Ensure a High Velocity BusinessToo often, small businesses fail to actually become high velocity businesses. They start out on the right foot but, ultimately, their fire goes out and all that’s left is smoke. For those entrepreneurs looking to start a new high velocity business, Ken Krogue has some advice for you. With a plan consisting of five phases, any entrepreneur can take an idea and launch it into a successful business.

In Ken’s newest article on, Ken delivers a five year plan that he and Dave Elkington, CEO of XANT, used to turn their small start-up into the industry leading company in the inside sales space.

Here are the five phases:

Year 1: Get the product right.

Year 2: Build a support team to help customers.

Year 3: Crank up sales.

Year 4: Expand marketing to accelerate growth

Year 5: Pour PR on the fire for a high velocity business

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The First Five Phases of Starting a High Velocity Business

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