Free eBook Download: Cold calling vs. Digital Prospecting


Cold calling vs digital prospecting is a powerful debate dividing the sales world. Some are looking to old-school cold calling, while others say the modern salesman only needs LinkedIn and digital prospecting to build pipeline.

The truth is, technology has changed the way sales representatives work and reach their quota, but that doesn’t mean cold calling is dead. It just means that sales reps today have more tools in their arsenal to solve the ever complex challenge of building pipeline.

Cold Calling vs Digital Prospecting

What you choose (cold calling vs digital prospecting) will always depend on what your customer responds to: you need to sell the way your buyers buy.

Gabe Larsen, VP of Growth for XANT, and Mario Martinez Jr., CEO of Vengreso, battled it out in an online webinar to see what prospecting method is best. Together they have over 35 years of sales experience and were well versed in working with both methods to build millions of dollars in pipeline.

digital vs traditional selling - best prospecting methods

During this debate, over a thousand  sales reps joined the webinar to ask questions about how cold calling vs digital prospecting work in real life.

Register and watch the session online to see who won!

We’ve condensed all our knowledge on the topic into an eBook that we are giving away for free. The eBook “Cold Calling vs. Digital Prospecting” contains everything you need to master both old school cold calling and the modern techniques of digital sales prospecting.

Download the eBook from XANT and Vengreso

Download this eBook to understand:

  • What are the statistics for conversions on cold calling and digital prospecting, to see what works
  • What are salespeople doing today to make sure they reach their quota
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of both cold calling and digital prospecting

Using both methods, you’ll be able to build a solid and sizeable sales pipeline.

cold calling vs digital prospecting - free ebook download XANT and vengreso

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