Google+ for Sales Reps: Applying the Social Media Tool to Prospects and Customers


Google+, the neglected middle child of the social media world, is rising quickly in popularity with the professional world. Sales reps, especially, should take note that it can be their own secret weapon. Obviously, the powerhouse of social selling is LinkedIn. The B2B social media platform is full of professionals looking to network and other business opportunities. However, that doesn’t mean Google+ should be disregarded. The features and current users of Google+, if used correctly can be a supplemental resource for sales reps in everyday selling.

One of the great things about Google+ is it has quietly been adding features totally unique to other social platforms that can help sales reps connect with leads and customers in other ways besides LinkedIn and Facebook.

Here are some of the tools sales reps can implement into their own sales tactics:

  • Google Hangouts are, in my opinion, are a huge resource that are being extremely underutilized. Hangouts allow up to six people to join and participate in a live, online video meeting – for free. This means that a sales rep can perform multiple sales presentations to prospects. Gmail, Google’s email tool, has blended the Hangout feature directly into its interface. This means that sales reps can contact fellow Gmail users with the Hangout tool directly from their inbox.

This tool can be extremely powerful when a sales rep would rather speak face-to-face with a client. Instead of traveling halfway across the country to sell a product, the sales rep can meet with their prospect immediately.

  • Photos are also a powerful tool within this social media platform because they can show prospects and customers that sales reps are human. The photos and photo albums also bring a more personal feel to a Google+ page. On top of that, photos (and video) can provide credibility, especially if it shows reps engaging with clients. (Make sure you get your prospects’ permission before posting photos of them on a social media platform.)
  • The Events feature on Google+ is a new tool allowing people and companies to post events they are hosting. This is great for live (or on-air) Hangouts, tradeshows, open houses, press conferences, webinars, or anything else you would like to invite prospective customers and clients to.
  • Google+ has incorporated a feature to better segment your friends and categorize them into Circles. With Circles, reps don’t have to have a profile for work and another for friends and family. Sales reps can put their friends, family, co-workers, leads, clients, and prospect companies into individual groups, or circles. The perk to circles is you can send messages to specific groups, tailored just for them, which other circles cannot see. This becomes beneficial if a sales rep has a special promotion they only want leads to see. By posting the update so that only those in his or her leads circle can see the update, the post will not spam their other friends’ feed.
  •  Google also will suggest people or personalities that sales reps should follow. This feature is called Suggestions and can be helpful for sales reps as they start to build a client base. Google+, like many of the other social networks, shows users other people they might know or want to add to a circle. This can be a great way to find more leads.

Have you used Google+ to help stay in contact with customers or get in touch with leads? How have you used Google+ in the past verses now?

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