How to Leave Comments: Building an Online Community Through Social Media (Part 2)


In the last blog I shared (Part 1) some tips on how to encourage comments on your blogs and articles. It is equally important to be aware of how to leave comments on other peoples’ work.

When you visit a site like Forbes, HBR or regular run of the mill blogs, you’ll notice the option to comment on what you read. Below are 10 tips on how to comment effectively to increase value for the blogger and generate interest in your own site.

How to Leave Comments and Build Credibility:

  1. Right Motive: When you leave a comment on someone else’s writing ask why you are leaving the comment. Check if you’re doing it for the right reasons. Never post a comment that is shamelessly self-promotion. Good comments contribute to the discussion or ask a question. Try to be first to post a comment. Early commenters are the ones that will be read the most and will do the promoting work for you.
  2. Provide Context: Share something useful or ask a question that is relevant to the topic.
  3. Be Respectful: When leaving opinions or questions, make sure you are being respectful, not only to the author but also to the other readers and commenters. Just because you’re not face to face doesn’t mean you throw manners out the window.
  4. Ask a Question or Insight: Share something you know or ask a question. Participate in the discussion.
  5. Don’t Shoot From the Hip: Know what you’re talking about. People can pick up on when you don’t have a clue or are making stuff up.
  6. One Point or Question per Comment: Don’t post a lot of questions all at once. Keep it simple. For each comment, ask only one question or make only one point. If you have more than one then enter them individually.  That way it’s not overwhelming and makes it easier for the blogger to respond, while keeping the entire string focused on one point or question.
  7. Keep it Short: Comments should be kept short, neat and simple. You are more likely to get a response using this technique.
  8. Link Carefully: Be very careful when linking to your own site or blog. Make sure it’s relevant to the topic or an answer to a question. You do not want to be obviously self-promoting.
  9. Proofread: Make sure your comments have been edited with no spelling or grammar mistakes. Nothing can diminish your credibility faster than too many errors in your comments.
  10. Disagree without Being Disagreeable: If there is another comment or something in the article with which you disagree, go ahead and say so. The only rule when doing this is to make sure you are not a jerk about it. Be polite. Make your case. Describe why you share a different view.

Have any of these tips helped you succeed in leaving quality comments or do you have any other  tips for success? Let me know in the comment box below!

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