How to Solve Any Inside Sales Dilemma


Every problem you face as an inside sales manager or rep can be solved with a simple process called Systems Thinking.

Okay, maybe not every problem – but certainly most.

When I was studying at the Naval Academy, my favorite professor, Chauncey Riddle, taught me this valuable skill that can be used to solve any problem. It got me thinking – this principle that is originally meant to solve problems within Engineering can be easily applied to inside sales. This epiphany has been one of the most helpful things I’ve discovered during my long career in building and managing inside sales departments.

Let me explain.

When you are building an inside sales team, you are building a system which consists of a complete loop with many moving parts. In order to solve problems, you will at one point or another have to test different solutions. The image to the right is the simplest way I’ve found to explain this visually.

The first step is to analyze the problem. What is it that you need to overcome? After you have defined the problem, begin designing a way that you can overcome it. What aspects of the situation need to be addressed and in what way? From answering these questions, you begin to understand how you can start to implement a possible solution. The most important step is to evaluate if that solution succeeded and the outcome was as expected. If not, start the process over again until the problem is solved.

Imagine the possibilities if you applied this strategy to lead generation, lead response, drip marketing campaigns, or any other aspect of inside sales that impacts results. By asking the questions to figure out problems you need to solve, you can apply Systems Thinking to any aspect of inside sales.

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