Inbound Sales Has Been Completely Disrupted w/David Cancel @Drift


Content used to work but it doesn’t because everybody creates content. Everybody used to require a form to get leads, but nobody wants to fill out a form anymore and wait for someone to get back to them. User’s expectations are changing, but companies are not changing with them.

In this Playmakers episode, David Cancel, CEO of Drift, talks about the old trends and discusses about how they are broken.

Why Traditional Inbound Sales Needs to Change

The traditional inbound sales model for most B2B companies is all about turning your website into a lead magnet. The second step is to use a form to try and convert your leads.

“Every B2B company has a similar mechanism – that is a form and you offer videos and eBooks and demos and hope that they fill out the form. That was your one net. If you don’t fill out that form, you’re not in the funnel,” explained David.

The model worked well until 5-10 years ago, added David. However, because now everyone has a strategy for content marketing, it’s harder and harder to get through to your leads. “Now the problem is discovery – how do I get through all this noise and get people to know me,” adds David.

Companies need to move to content channels that are more popular with users and offer the option for real-time conversations via chat bots and sales reps, shows David.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why the users expect immediacy when visiting your website – and how to offer it
  • What’s the one thing all of your website visitors have in common
  • Why most companies don’t use chat bots efficiently in their inbound sales strategy

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