Inc. Magazine Highlights XANT Study in “How to Best Harness Inbound Marketing Leads”


Inc. Magazine has just become another major publication to note the importance of our research on responding immediately and persistently to inbound leads.

Eric Markowitz is a well known writer for Inc., Vanity Fair, and the Washington Square News and summarizes the research of Dr. James B Oldroyd and our own CEO, Dave Elkington. His Inc. article on July 6th, 2011, is entitled “How to Best Harness Inbound Marketing Leads.”

Inc. Magazine links to the original downloadable study here. It was originally titled “How Much Time Do You Have Before Web-Generated Leads Go Cold?” and has been quoted now by hundreds of blogs, speakers, and publications around the world.

Every now and again you discover something that changes the world. This did for us.

At last count we have had nearly 70,000 companies access and / or download this landmark study. A more complete summary of all the research started originally by Dr. James Oldroyd and XANT is readily available at

I travel to several different trade shows, summits, and conferences a year and it is still fun to have someone quote our study back to us.

Has it changed anything? Only for those who are taking advantage of the windfall of immediate and persistent response. We have “secret shopped” nearly 5000 companies over the last four years to find how fast they response and how many times they persist before they give up.

The bar is still very low.

The average company still takes 46 hours to attempt their first callback, and the average sales rep only makes 1.2 call back attempts before they give up and move on. Our continued research shows that only 27% of leads ever get called.

With our technology and the awareness of these principles of immediacy and persistency, we have been able to keep our contacted rate between 85 and 92% for over three years. Our customers who follow our lead also receive this immediate bonus of a 2.5x increase in results based on the most common sense principle, “just call them back, and do it quickly.”

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